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  1. hi beta is currently offline we will open it again soon we work on the sources
  2. http://www.mediafire.com/file/exa3icz1agv4nvx/L2VLR_Version_1.rar/file here is pre-beta patch feel free to join and help us make it better before it launches
  3. Updates, - Revolution Isle Added , therefore you can only teleport using the Revolution Pass! What you will find there? Wide PvP Area for massive fights and 2 kinds of monsters. Right side : easy monsters dropping 14-20kk adena , scrolls - Solo monsters Left side : Party monsters dropping 40-46kk adena , Weapon S Non S/A , Dyes Grandbosses: They have their own cloaks with additional stats, theres 20% chance the raid will drop one! Custom Raid: Now aden castle has its own Raid - Rahha drops adenas/ weapons TODO: Each castle has its own c
  4. Some updates with some new stuff Ketra and Varka are the main farming zones for Token of Love. Revolution Isle is the farm zone for (BSOE,Adena,S Grade Weapons No S/A) Get materials for Rift Weapons from playing in the Dimensional Rift. In Dimensional Rift the monsters drop rift weapon currencies with mid chance. To enter the Dimensional Rift , speak with the Dimensional Keeper in every catacomb. Make the quest for dimensional fragments and then join the fight! addition of valakas , antharas, baium cloaks etc etc
  5. -= Client =- # Scions of Destiny C4 -= Rates =- # Exp [45x] # Sp [55x] # Adena [400x] # Drop [2x] # Spoil [2x] -= Enchant Rates =- # Weapon Fighter [66%] # Weapon Mage [66%] # Armor [66%] -= Enchant Values =- # Weapon[ Unlimited] # Armor[Unlimited] # Jewls[Unlimited] -= Custom Features =- # One Shopping Zone: # Main Currency Adena -> Then exchangeable to other currencies # Custom Armors [Revolution Armor - Apella] <- Top Grade || [Ultimate Armor - Vesper] - Mi