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    this is my second account my first account Was scammed i think so...

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  1. haha ye I never keep a backup file xD I just don't wanted to spam you :P
  2. [GR] einai tou Iordanov Inteface Shared sto forum pou ta exei ola kai einai FREE.
  3. L2BOG BATTLE OF GODS - INTERLUDE PVP SERVER Site: https://l2bog.com GRAND OPENING 16/2/2018 MAIN TOWN -GLUDIO- Rates UNLIMITED Start full S grade gears 80LvL GM Shop full, everything for adena NO FARM, PvP Balance, PvP Reward Enchants All Scrolls Chance 100% You Start With Safe +16 Free Blessed With Adena From +16 to +18 Only With Crystall Scrolls Crystall Scrolls You Get Them With PVP COIN - VOTE COINS - EVENT COINS Life Stones Top/High/Mid=20%-10%-5% Buffs All buffs available(MALARIA - FLU NO) 2 hours duration 55+4 buff slots Overbuff protection Potions Automatic use (HP/MP/CP) Subclass Subclasses UNLIMITED Epics All Epic Respawn 3 Hours Drops : x1 Epic - 20TOP ls - 20Bogs Olympiad Weekly Heroes (Monday 12:00) Last Olympiad day Sunday Anti-feed protection Olympiad enchant limit +6 Castle Sieges Weekly Sieges (Sunday 16:00 and 20:00) Skills balanced New Custom Hats 15+ Auto Events TEAM VS TEAM DM GM Events Funny Events PvP Tournaments Machine DDoS protection + Smartguard Anti bot Powerful Server Machine with SSD Account Security and Scam Protection
  4. pwned by himself xaxaxaaxaxaxxaxaxaxaxxaxax
  5. You can pm @Celestine or @Neophoron
  6. this is me lol? im 1 week without computer and i just got inform about this What account i scammed? today i installed the game https://prnt.sc/gxobkv
  7. its same admin with l2tg.com or new who made the same name but different cronicle?