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  1. mages 8elw na balw se 1 server anti na anigi 2 box na anigi 3-4 pos gnt afto re mages? 8elw na rotisw k mipos 3eri kanenas pos na balw pvp system se hifive aposo nomizo prepi nane kapia arxia an den kn la8os
  2. file 3erw oti ine mia grami ala pia k ti na ala3w dne 3erw :/ an gnorizis k mporis pes m thx pantos
  3. re pedia 8elw se 1 hi5 na balw screen damage p.x de3ia otan skao critical na m to emfanizi p.x me kokina gramata pos ginete? kati prepi na ala3w edo mesa SystemMsg-e an mpori na help kapios
  4. Register is now online. You can create an account and be ready to login tomorrow at 18:00 GMT+2
  5. We have updated the server's website sooner
  6. Lineage Of Heroes - C4 (New Server) _______________________________________________________ Grand Openning 21.03.2016 At 18.00 UTC+02:00 Website will be open to public the last week before opening.(Monday 14/3/16) http://www.lineageofheroes.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LineageOfHeroes Small brief about the server: No custom weapons/armors or skills inside. 1 Custom Island (Island of souls from kamael. We didn't want to mess with the rest towns) We tried to keep it as simple as possible. x30 EXP/SP rates, x160 Adena. Many things are very close
  7. Hello, I've intalled the kamael bundle in my C4 server but I have some issues. From client side the maps work great. I added in zones.xml Kamael Village with NPoly to make it a peaceful zone and added respawn locations just like the other villages or towns. Here are the custom lines for kamael village I added. (I also added the NPoly locations in navicat) <zone id="16191" type="Town" shape="NPoly" minZ="250" maxZ="2250"> <stat name="name" val="Kamael Village"/> <stat name="townId" val="20"/> <stat name="taxById" val="5"/> <spawn X="-115797" Y="46826" Z=
  8. δεν είναι μέσα στους κανόνες; :-\
  9. [GR] 3eri kanenas pos mporo na ftia3w parapano skill bar?? se c4?? p.x na exi 2 h 3...... opos edo??? [EN] Could you please me know how I can add more skill bars, in C4? for example to have 2 or 3 skill bars like the image
  10. kalhspera, mhpws mporite na me boi8isete ena themataki? perasa to kamael bundle me tous xartes mesa sto c4 alla den kserw pou na rythmisw ta respawn otan pethainei kapoios h otan kanei soe. exw kanei peace zone thn polh mesa kanonika apo to zones.xml alla enw ruthmisa respawn locations me kai xwris karma auto den paizei... exw to l2jlisvus pack an paizei kapoio rolo. euxaristw ek twn protairwn.