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  1. Server Live Join Us! Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/l2lucia/ Website: http://l2lucia.com/ Forum : http://l2lucia.com/forum/ RATES: Exp/Sp: x55 Adena: x30 Drop/Spoil: x20 Quest items: x1 [quests have different rates] Knight Epaulette: x3 SERVER CONFIGURATION: Subclass - no quest Max Subclass - 3 Max Level Sub - 85 LvL Buff Slot: 24 buff slot, 12 dance/song Auto Loot Offline Trade Offline Buffs Auto learn skills Vitality Syste
  2. The Lineage 2 Euphoria It's a Java based server with Retail Like! We aim to bring our players to the best of Lineage 2, we have a dedicated team to correct errors, take care of the players and to perform a service with quality, our perfect structure against any type of attack, bots, or hacks! It is a 100% Retail Like server, aiming to bring the best of Linegae 2 to our players with the best team, 100% protected against bots, hacks and so on. [RATES] • EXP RATE: 10X • SP RATE: 10X • ADENA RATE: 7X / 75% • SPOIL / DROP RATE: 3X [OTHER INFORMATION] • ENCHANT: RETAIL LIKE • KARMA:
  3. WTS Adena, TOD, Pwlvl on new server (started 2016-11-11) www.l2eu.com Lionna x7. TODS now cheaper 20% than official donate Adena 10E - 800KK S GRADEEP ICS Pwlvl 1-75 (later level cap will increase) skype coinsbomb , accepting all payment methods. Gl and hf!
  4. (EN) We would like to inform the opening of a non-profit end server, where we cherish is only a good match for your enjoyment and quality of services offered. In order to guarantee a great gameplay, we decided to leave the retail server and to try to make consistent with the current reality of the players we chose the following configuration: 1-NPC Free Buffer, lasting 2 hours in all cities, avoiding the creation of various media just to get buffs. 2 Auto Learn Skills, as will upando level you will gain the skills automatically. 3 Herbs, fall on the ground to help in some potions moments hp
  5. Lineage Of Heroes - C4 (New Server) _______________________________________________________ Grand Openning 21.03.2016 At 18.00 UTC+02:00 Website will be open to public the last week before opening.(Monday 14/3/16) http://www.lineageofheroes.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LineageOfHeroes Small brief about the server: No custom weapons/armors or skills inside. 1 Custom Island (Island of souls from kamael. We didn't want to mess with the rest towns) We tried to keep it as simple as possible. x30 EXP/SP rates, x160 Adena. Many things are very close
  6. Hello friends, Major drop prices for adena on l2dawn.com No donations. Stable online for year. Alive market and Olympiad. IMO the best community ever. Low-rate Interlude x5 RETAIL I'm selling ONLY adena I'm using ONLY paypal New actual prices (for 1kk): 100-199 - 0.20$ 0.16$ 200-299 - 0.18$ 0.15$ 300-399 - 0.16$ 0.14$ 400-499 - 0.15$ 0.13$ 500+ - 0.14$ 0.12$ As you can see I drop about 20% Also I've changed price in euro from -5% usd price to -10% Price in euro = $price - 10% For example 100kk would cost you 16$ instead of 20$ or 14.4 euro instead of 19e
  7. We are proud to announce that we are bringing back our wonderful and grand 5x low rates server. As always, we are keeping our tradition with no p2w and no bots. We want to offer you our mature and friendly community with fun and unforgetable gameplay, which would remind you of good old times. We are planning to launch our server on 19/03/2016. The beta will start next week, so be ready for some testing. Gather your friends, sharpen your blades and minds for this amazing adventure. http://www.bloodbros.net You can read “About Us” here, there is everything you need to know: http://www
  8. www.l2dorado.com Planed start: 21/11/2015 15:00 EET Game rates: EXP/SP/Spoil/Adena/Drop: x6 Raid/Epics drops: x1 Seal Stone: x6 amount Party exp: retail Quest rewards: x1 Features: Full L2OFF Gracia Final Server. Offline shop Adventurers Helpers Cursed swords (Akamanah & Zariche) disabled in first two weeks NO GM SHOP/BUFFER Auto-pickup Dual-boxing: One box and two offline shop allowed at the same time Donations: Only for class changes and accessories Security: Anti-Bot Anti-Packet Injection Dos/DDoS protection Server hardware: Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 32GB DDR3 3 x 120 GB Intel
  9. Lineage 2 High Five x100 opening 30/10/2015!!! Lineage 2 High Five x100 abrió el 30/10/2015!!! Join Us!!! entra ya!!! Join Now!!! Unete a nosotros!!! https://www.facebook.com/L2Reinforced http://l2reinforced.tk ##Server Hardware## 4 cores/ 8 threads Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 Hard disks 2x SSD 160 GB RAM 32 GB DDR3 Connection at 1 GB ##Server Rate## EXP: 100x SP: 100x Party EXP: 1.5x Party SP: 1.5x DropItems: 10x RaidDropItems: 4x RaidDropJewely: 1x Spoil: 10x Adena: 50x ##Protection## AntiBot captcha DDoS protection - Hyperfilter ##Buffs Setting##
  10. Twitch Stream -> www.twitch.tv/l2arch Website -> www.l2arch.com Facebook -: https://www.facebook.com/l2archenemy REGISTRATION TO LIVE OPEN. Start THIS SATURDAY. Server platform: L2OFF, not java. Server security: Full. Server rates EXP/SP: x5 Adena amount: x5 (chance retail) Raid drops: x2 (chance) Epic raid drops: x1 (retail) Spoil rates: x5 chance, 1x amount, x2 amount materials Seal Stone: x5 amount Party exp: retail Quest adena rate: x5 Fishing Rewards (POCF): 2x Features Everything that needs to be in Interlude chronicle + no custom things + these addons:
  11. Website: http://www.lineage2prestige.com/ (GIVE US A LIKE) Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/lineage2official?ref=hl Forum: http://lineage2prestige.betaboard.net/ ADVERTISE EVENT - http://www.lineage2prestige.com/#!event/c1j7z full features here: http://lineage2com.wix.com/kain#!features/c1x9v A new journey awaits you Join us on 3th of June 2015 New adventures New features New Zones New storyline SERVER BASIC INFORMATIONS All newbies start with level 1 and top no grade items All newbies will experience Premium Rune untill relog Max level 85 XP
  12. I was unsure wether to post this in the General Discussion or PServer Request Subforum. I figured its more of a discussion where you might drop in a server suggestion. Sup everyone, I am at a loss. I have played this game quite intesively in my past. Offical, Pserver, everyting from C1 to Interlude. I've been gone for a while, 4 years maybe. I want to return. For a few weeks now I've been checking out servers left and right. Every lowrate server I could find that runs Interlude, while wasting some time on a highrate. There is not a single decent project - none. Why? I honestly d
  13. Equip your armor,Sharpen your weapons! Grand Opening: 20/2 21:00 GMT+2 Video Promo: http://youtu.be/LGyQqNkoZG0 JOIN AND CHECK THE SERVER WITH US! Website: http://l2apollon.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/l2apollon Forum: http://forum.l2apollon.com/ L2 Apollon team proudly present you a unique low rate server check also what unique features L2Apollon has to offer to players like the unique ALT+B that low rate server lack off ! What we offer in L2Apollon is an experienced Team that , knows how to secure a server and knows Lineage2 from player's poi
  14. Opening date: 20 december 2014 Server time: +3 GMT Server platform - 100% quality Creators: www.lineage.ro & www.lineage.ru Well, this is the new project Lineage 2 Dex network of L2 private servers is releasing very soon. At the moment it is in open test mode for players. Server platform: L2OFF Game version: Goddess of Destruction - Glory Days XP rate: x3 SP rate: x3 Drop rate: x3 Quest: x3 New antibot protection No custom stuff, entirely retail files without any modifications. Stable gameplay, no lags, friendly community. The server will open on the 20th of December 2014.
  15. Platform: L2OFF L2 neverwinter Rates XP 30x SP 30x Drop chance 7-12x Spoil chance 7-12x Drop amount 3x Spoil drop amount 1x Quest drop 5-10x Adena 50x Seal stone 6-8x For more features see: http://neverwinterl2...!the-story/cjg9 Pre-Opening EVENTS [pre-Opening - EVENT] Advertise L2 Neverwinter and Win Festival Adena FOR LIVE! http://neverwinterl2...ge#!events/ca48 [pre-Opening - EVENT] Bring your clan to L2 Neverwinter 30x and Win CRP! http://neverwinterl2...ge#!events/ca48 [pre-Opening - EVENT] Join L2 Neverwinter Facebook Community and win Festival A
  16. Introduction: Emerald Network includes lineage 2 private servers. It is based on L2J and simulates official gameplay and formulas. L2 Order VS Chaos: Gameplay is based on PvP fights and Teamwork. In order to become top player you will need to co-oparate and win battles! If you like killing other players and become top PVP player this is the place for you! L2 Rival: Gameplay is based on hunting monsters, killing bosses and some PvP just like the old days. you can get gear by killing monsters and crafting, you can buy up to C-grade items at GM-shop, use the assistance of the NPC
  17. Lineage 2 Chronicle 4 Scions of Destiny http://hades.playlineage2.com/ Rates: EXP x15 - ADENA x15 - SP x30 - ITEM x15 - SPOIL x15 - PARTY x1.2 Subclass Acumulativas: Principal + 3 Subclass (Leer Guia) Sistema L2 OFF Files - No JAVA Sin items custom, donaciones solo por adena (Leer Guia) Grado S Nivel 67 Aprende skilles automaticamente (Menos los de tercera) (Leer Guia) Con skilles de tercera profesion en la ultima sub 1°, 2° y 3° Cambio de clase por NPC en Giran Event Medals Habilitado Sistema OffLine Habilitado (Leer Guia) Mana Potion por Event Medal (retail Roy The Cat) T
  18. L2Antharas.net // Interlude PTS // Antharas x30 Start: 16.08.2014 16:00 (GMT-3) INFO OBJECTIVES: To create a full server without losing basic aspects of the game. Save the most important things: spoil-craft, seven signs, manor, castles and their benefits, olympiad, pvp for end game farm spots, battles for raid bosses and the epiqs ... Collection of the most famous Russian and foreign clans in order to create a unique and large scale PVP server. Development team wants to present an international project in order to achieve the greatest a-beep-t of online players. Server Rates: Exp:
  19. Hello there. I am currently planning for the creativity of a hellbound OFF server and i wanted to ask you - players what you'd prefer and what would attract you. Would you be interested in playing in a low rate hellbound server ( x1-10) or in a mid hb server? (x20 - 70) ? How a hellbound server would be enjoyable for you ? Would you generally play a hellbound server these days? I'll be waiting for your opinions,every opinion is welcome . Thanks
  20. WTS ADENA ON PlusOne x1 interlude server. Contact: - pm forum - skype: theone22401
  21. Legenday 8 year old Community Starting a new Low rate Substack Server(1+1) http://www.dragon-network.net/ http://forum.dragon-community.net/index.php/topic,278354.0.html Features: Stack-Sub System *This is unique trademark originally made by Dragon-Network , I don't have to spend words about it. This is what it is, old c4 style.There will be no mutants anymore, you will be able to cross sub only with your own race, because we want to avoid overpowered combos impossible to balance too. Multi Language Gameplay *One of the unique futures never seen yet in history of private Lineage 2 servers.
  22. NUEVO SERVER L2 LOW RATES Simplemente somos un grupo de personas con la idea de conseguir un servidor de Lineage 2, estable, balanceado y sobre todo sin corrupcion. Los esperamos a todos dentro, servidor serio, administrado por un staff con trayectoria. Rates: x3 XP x1.5 Party XP x3 SP x3 Adena x3 Drop x1 Quest Reward -Dual Box Permitido -Npc Buffer (Retail) -Safe Enchant +3 -Max Enchant +20 -Eventos TvT ON -Champion mobs -Bosses Epicos 100% -Hellbound ON -Gracia ON -Fortress ON -Sieges ON -Territory Wars ON -Auto Pickup OFF -Geodata ON -DONACIONES OFF -0 C
  23. Title ::) also i will prefer a server w/o heavy anti-bot system cheers.