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[Unique] Complete Retail Freya Server

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Well, after almost 6 years of development, I have decided to put on sale my Freya server
Just to make it short for the people that doesn't know it, its an almost complete Freya server, with 95% of the things implemented with retail data, completely reworked, and I mean completely, just like 25% of the server remains like l2j
Besides the server itself, it must be the one with most non-invasive custom addons and systems of all servers. As you may saw before with the Auction House and Server Ranking, there are dozens of those available, all of them completely unique
Its absolutely impossible to write and show everything I have done in all these years, I don't even remember half of them, there must be something like 16k revs on the svn



Retail Features


  • Retails htmls fixed
  • Retail complete instances
  • Retail multisells
  • Retail castle data (skills, doors, traps, towers, artifacts, rates, taxes, mercenaries, npcs)
  • Retail fortress data (taxes, tributes, relations, skills, doors, flags, npcs, upgrades)
  • Retail playlist reproduction in sieges
  • Retail spawn system with makers, AIs, dynamic zones, etc
  • Retail items xmls and values (99%)
  • Retail npcs xmls (99%)
  • Retail full skills (98%, just some effects with low importance are missing)
  • Retail thrones and custom chairs with all issues fixed
  • Retail Control Towers with alive and dead npcs
  • Retail Door Data
  • Retail Observation Towers
  • Retail Signboards
  • Retail Town Maps
  • Retail zones with all parameters and features
  • Retail Clan Halls data with all functions and upgrades
  • Retail Field Cycles data and manager
  • Retail Superpoints and Freeway routes
  • Full npc strings and system messages support
  • Retail trap system with retail npc trap data
  • Retail Dimensional Rift, Chambers of Delusion, Festival of Darkness and 7Signs
  • Complete instance system with all the functions and checks
  • Retail mercenary system
  • Completely reworked walkers system to work with retail AI
  • Retail drop system with categories and splitted calculation of chances and ammounts
  • Summons are now npcs like in retail, not playables like l2j
  • Retail support for npc traps managed by AI with dynamic zone creation and advanced features
  • Retail npc instances for all types used in official, removed many custom instances/clases that are not used
  • Retail cubic system, with skills, chances and conditions
  • Retail stats for all summons and pets with all the correct modifiers. Stats are exactly the same as official
  • Pre-calculated base stats for all npcs to save a lot of cpu while calculating final stats
  • Retail PvP bonuses for all items, specially weapons
  • Retail castle sieges, with traps, towers, guards, mercenaries, AIs, playlist, special events, upgrades and fame
  • Retail fortress sieges with upgrades, guards, npcs, AI, playlist, fame, full headquarters, droplist, armies
  • Retail Duel system with all conditions and events
  • Retail Chance Skills, with correct animations, conditions and checks. No spam, correct reuses
  • Retail Hero system with manual heroes support
  • Retail Command Channel Matching and Party Matching system
  • Every retail AI for every npc in the world (more than 5k different ais)
  • Full makers implementation with all AI makers and all spawn zones, that with the retail AI system control every single instance, quest, mob, place, trap, etc in the game
  • Formulas:
    • Retail regeneration bonus for clan halls, fortress, zones and AIs
    • Retail damage formulas with shots, shields, pvp bonuses, proximity bonus, all kind of buffs, weapons traits, general traits, attributes, pve penalties, pvp penalties, type bonuses, distance penalty, critical damages, lvl differences, messages, etc
    • Critical calculation
    • Lethal formula with all modifiers
    • Reworked cast break formula with all modifiers and variants
    • Retail shield block formula
    • Skill vulnerability and proficiency calculation
    • Skill trait attack and resistance
    • Skill stat bonuses calculation
    • Retail final formula for effect success calculation, with support for special variables for cubics (max 3% error margin from official)
    • Retail magic success formula (magic failed x1 o half)
    • Retail spoil success formula
    • Reworked skill evasion system and formula
    • Retail elemental formula
    • Reworked skill reflect system and formula
    • Retail blow success formula with fixed animation system
    • Retail abnormal effect time calculation considering resistances
    • Reworked Karma system with all conditions and retail formula
    • Retail counter skill formula
    • Retail cancel success formula
    • Retail distance penalty formula for archers
    • Retail lvl modifier formula
  • Reworked zone system and added support for every official zone type with all the properties and behaviours
  • Retail birthday system with history
  • Retail boss system, that saves special information for particular npcs
  • Retail Aerial Cleft system
  • Retail Prime Shop System (Official ingame donation shop)
  • Summons have all their own independent conditions for attacking, casting, zones, relation, insted of using their owners
  • Every npc including summons have the retail attack intervals, means that their animations are always exact and are not interrupted
  • Bugless system for activating/deactivating HP Percent skills, with all the correct bonuses on real time and even graphically
  • Quest system reworked to be used with retail AIs, all retail quests are done, everything that was before was removed from the datapack
  • Completely new skill system:
    • Shots reworked
    • Effects and instant effects complete support
    • Lethal
    • Shield defense
    • Reflect effects
    • Self effects
    • Advanced target relation functions to generalize all checks
    • Support for target type checking, special exceptions and status
    • General activation rate
    • Summon effect transfering
    • Abnormal blockage
    • Support for custom effect duration
    • Complete cubic chances, conditions implementations
    • Retail support for Affect Objects, Affect Scopes and Target Types
  • New general AI System for npcs and summons to support the retail AIs, that works with desires



Custom Addons


  • Army System


  • Full gigantic bot engine for admins
  • PvP Countdown system
  • Real-time replay system with support for recording event matchs
  • Real-time translation
  • Custom Movie System
  • Art System
  • Economy control system
  • Airship control
  • Unique Animation viewer
  • Unique Npc viewer
  • Massive buffing system
  • Rpg Conversation System (to do quests like you do in single player rpgs, with subtitles, special cameras, effects and voices)


  • Special Quest helpers for RPG quests
  • Achievements engine with passive rewards


  • Beauty Shop with all goddess hairs and every icon and image made from scratch. Its better than the retail one, as it includes every hair available, not only the new ones


  • Automatic Premium Item system, through the Dimensional Merchant (Specially for web rewards)
  • Improved fake pcs system with real-time fake pcs creation
  • Clan Hall special npc that can be hired on donations npc and appears/disappears automatically on the corresponding Clan Hall. Contains full grocery, advanced buffing, clan ranking, warehouse, subclass, blacksmith, etc
  • Private store manager with item searching function
  • Clan Recruitment System, based on the goddess system. Finding clan and recruit members cannot be easier


  • Stats player extension:
    • Used for store Server Ranking stats
    • Donator system with multiple bonuses
    • Nickname color changing by npc with time support
    • Autoloot by donation
    • Quake PvP System to indicate rows of kills, reseted by deaths
    • Event sesion statistics for TvT and similars
    • Noble and subclass first creation date
    • Configurable OnScreen Damage System
    • Full remote character control
    • Full remote npc control
    • Dynamic lvling and out of peace zone stats
  • System to make polls for any issue that requires players feedback
  • Reworked automatic hopzone vote reward system
  • Ingame Vote System, fastest way to vote http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/173429-ingame-vote-system/
  • Auction House, based on the goddess system http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/154317-l2j-auction-house-h5-version
  • Server Ranking engine, based on the goddess system http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/152537-l2j-server-rankingmuseum/
  • Hall of Fame, gathering the best players that beat the records in many categories, thus being remember for the eternity


  • Hall of Fame Museum, something like the museum of goddess, where all the members of the hall of fame are there








  • Dynamic rates
  • Skills without targeting system
  • Knockdown
  • Chain disablers protection
  • Dynamic evasion with simple physics
  • Magical evasion
  • Block kamael characters creation
  • Tons of configs for real balance
  • Native support for multilanguages and translation system engine with xmls
  • Special custom wandering npcs
  • Custom dynamic spawn scripts
  • Complete reload functions
  • Fast buffing admin schemes
  • Dynamic admin command list with descriptions and privileges filtering
  • Reworked quest and teleport's windows designs
  • Native client support for freya and High Five clients (packets and messages)
  • Reworked almost all packets and added support for all the ones that were missing or incomplete
  • Multibox Protection System, with max clients for computer with VIP support, comparing all IP Types
  • Login:
    • Email ban support
    • Account IP Protection
    • Account Email Activation
  • Everything is in Dual Language (Spanish-English)
  • Full donation npc with automatic purchases, controlled by configs and its values updated instantly


  • Donation shop, gm shop and more related npcs



Fun Systems


  • Advanced manual/automatic event engine with automatic rewards, dynamic htmls, menues, zones, buffing, cancelling, multiple options, every kind of support, dynamic admin control and rankings:
    • Chess
  • Chess.jpg
    • Berserker
    • Bomberman
    • Catch the Bomb
    • Chancho
    • Deathmatch
    • Drop on Mob
    • Greatness (Party Tournament)
    • Korean PvP
    • Last Man Standing
    • Man Hunt
    • Mario Kart
    • Rapid Fire
    • Rock - Paper - Scissors
    • Russian Roulette
    • Save the King
    • Simon Says
    • Survival
    • The Mime
    • Zombie


  • 28 complete retail events with ai and packets with event date and drop date (like in official)
  • Eventmatch engine (Retail tournament system)


  • Completely reworked TvT and TvT Round. Included an new Anti-AFK, fixed all checks and conditions, added event stats, partys are automatically made, and the respawns are random to avoid abussing
  • Drop on mob event
  • Mini Game Ranking
  • Wyvern Travel, you can make an special trip from every city mounted in a wyvern


  • Jump Travel, trying to resemble the goddess system. Traveling with jumps
  • Train Travel, when called, a train for 8 passengers will leave to its destination, lot of group fun









  • Reworked Admin Handlers
  • Removed almost everything from the datapack
  • Reworked configs by category
  • Highly improved general AI functions
  • No memory leaks. Everything is closed after used with the lastest programming methods
  • Created special managers for movement, attacking, casting and pvp status. These are heavily reworked for performance, correct animations displaying and correct packet sending
  • User Info special broadcaster to avoid spam and decrease network usage
  • Special status updates broadcaster, for parties mainly, also rebuffing protection. This avoids most of the lag when buffing massively
  • Html Content Manager that handles all the corrections before sending htmls and messages to the client. Makes replacements, fixes, removes useless content and controls the automatic generation and sending of custom crests
  • Persistant client data manager, to store all the information sent to the client that persist while the sesion is opened and doesnt need to be sent again unless relog





  • Chat analyser and dangerous words finder
  • Complete debug system: AI, makers and packets
  • Global chats system
  • Grand Boss Deaths manager
  • Ingame bug report system
  • Jail Information Manager
  • Antibot routines
  • Sesion Information system to be able to know advanced information about any character that logged since the server is online
  • Special Behaviour Analysis system to detect abnormal player behaviours like dual boxes, players without users, suspicious players, possible bots, etc
  • Most of the important systems that can be exploited have custom protections, like manor
  • Security and performance player extensions:
    • Message packet controller, with anti flood protection for chat
    • Packet protection for casting, attacking and moving
    • Dualbox security system for buffers allowed, but only in town
    • Afk system with free follow (if it was deactivated)
    • Survillance system for suspicious players
    • General packet protector and checker
    • Complete packet debugger feature
    • Advanced System Messages Queuer and Joiner
    • Simple remote character control
    • Anti exploit/bot checks for important system like manor



Skype: elementalgames

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Well, after almost 6 years of development, I have decided to put on sale my Freya server


Freya was released on August 24th, 2010.


Or did you use an older version of l2j and then upgrading it?

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Obviously. I started with l2j in 2005. And made stuff and developed since then, but more "proffesionaly" since infinity, probably 5 years

I have Freya since my first server, lots of years ago


But made a huge jump not so long ago, when freya scripts were leaked. And this is based on improved pts data. It has support for every single file in l2off datapack

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Trusted & really skilled too.

Project is pretty expensive , but as i say "what you pay is what you get".

And this project deserves even the last cent that you will pay.

Good luck my friend with your sales.

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Add me on skype pleass

Skype: fares.alain2


yes! ,files first ,if im a scammer u will lose files ,if ur scammer i will lose money !! XdDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD



this guy... is hilarous ,dont even waste your time synerge :) 


i told him that i will sell full pack with full addons and website ,all for 115 euro ,crazy cheap (normal would be around 270+) and he say ,60 max ,hahha lol

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yes! ,files first ,if im a scammer u will lose files ,if ur scammer i will lose money !! XdDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD



this guy... is hilarous ,dont even waste your time synerge :)


i told him that i will sell full pack with full addons and website ,all for 115 euro ,crazy cheap (normal would be around 270+) and he say ,60 max ,hahha lol


Your reply is not in the right place and not suitable, every person has his budget, this is not something to discuss.

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