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Found 8 results

  1. Hey have a nice year all here I start with one good post its good for first time! i think https://i.imgur.com/TcGy4eS.mp4 I Will create better next times its my first please dont hate!
  2. Lineage Of Heroes - C4 (New Server) _______________________________________________________ Grand Openning 21.03.2016 At 18.00 UTC+02:00 Website will be open to public the last week before opening.(Monday 14/3/16) http://www.lineageofheroes.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LineageOfHeroes Small brief about the server: No custom weapons/armors or skills inside. 1 Custom Island (Island of souls from kamael. We didn't want to mess with the rest towns) We tried to keep it as simple as possible. x30 EXP/SP rates, x160 Adena. Many things are very close to retail. Unchanged drops/shops/skills/quests Gameplay details: __________________ Custom Areas (On the island): - New Main Town (Town Of Heroes) - Farming Zones for adena and seal stones (Solo Areas) - Cave of Heroes Raiding for S grade weapons, Enchant armor scrolls A & S grade (Solo/Party Area) Sub Class and Nobless System: - Do the quest Enchanting: - Safe +3 - Max +25 - Enchant rates are retail Server Features: - PK Guards - Global Gatekeeper (some locations are not included. Such as valakas lair/TOI8-13 etc.) - NPC Buffer (with very low level prophet buffs and few songs and dances) - NPC Buffer in all towns. - 1 Hour buffs (except some 3rd class buffs which are retail. COV/POF etc.) - Class Manager. - Mammons permanantely spawned in Town Of Heroes. - Tattoos give pdef and Cloacks give mdef (not sold in shops) Custom Shops: - Weapon Shop (till A grade with no SA) - Armor Shop (till S grade sealed) - Jewls Shop (till S grade sealed. No boss jewls) - Misc Shop (consumables, pots, ss/bss etc) Olympiad & Heroes - Olympiad is from 20:00 to 02:00 GMT+3 everyday. - olympiad period lasts 1 month. Events: - Custom TVT Event every 2 hours. *NPC will spawn in Town Of Heroes. - Coliseum Arena. Donating: - Server do have donate. The machine won't pay the bills by itself. - Donate is not obligatory - Donators won't have any priviledges over non donators. - Donation rewards are very limited to keep the game balanced and to avoid "super" players. - AIO Buffers [with specific names(e.x. AIOBUFFER_1) with no healing skills and very low stats.They are practicaly only for buffs, nothing more.Can't enter olympiad either.] GM's: - GM's are not interfering with the game in any way. - Occasionally we will give some rewards in TvT events or during holidays. - Active in forums to solve any ingame problems. - There are only two admins in our community(teka,sl1m) that won't ask anything from you.(be alarmed for account thieves) Our server runs on a Dedicated Server with: - AMD Opteron - 16GB DDR3 - 2x250GB SSD - 1Gbit/s Connection Here is a little video about the server: https://youtu.be/j8aTt2qjL1s Hope you like our server. See you in game. teka,sl1m
  3. Καλησπέρα MXC! Ψάχνουμε Έλληνες streamers. Eχουμε ένα μικρο page που πουλάμε διάφορα gaming products όπως mouse,keyboards,pc parts,monitors... Η σελίδα είναι αυτή : https://www.facebook.com/fthinahlektronika Ψάχνουμε για PARTNERS! Δίνουμε 10% promotional codes στους partners μας! και για κάθε sale που θα χρησιμοποιηθεί το promotional code το δικό θα κερδίσεις 10% από τα κέρδη. θα βοηθούσε και τους streamers & εμάς Cheers!
  4. Hi. It is a greek clan so i will describe in greek. Geia sas, l2citadel x5 hellbound anoigei stis 23 ianouariou 2015. Eimaste kamia 15aria core ths clan, kai mazepsame allous 30 ellhnes k to recruit sunexizei sta8era. Paizoume l2 apo c1 official kai low rate prive servers. O server ston opoio pame exei mazepsei terastio population k ftiaxnetai edw k 1 xrono. Anoigei epitelous se liges meres k hr8ame kai emeis na mazepsoume kai enwsoume ollous tous allous ellhnes p 8a pai3oun ekei sthn clan mas, me skopo na eimaste apo tis dunameis t server kai na kratame aden. Psaxnoume gia: Destro, archers, bd/sws, healers. 8eloume toulaxiston 2 3 destro gia ka8ara pvp skopous. Apo ta members zhtame, Xrhsh rc h ts3. Gnwsh sto farm. Upakoh kai activity sta siege k epics. Gia plhrofories kante m pm edw, h kante search sto facebook "vigilance l2 clan" k mpeite sto group.
  5. Hello dear Lineage2 Players! A new Interlude PvP Experience has redeveloped, after 4 years.. We started the project 4 years ago so that you, the players, can have a balanced game play. At the 29th, of this month, our server will go live after 4 years of silent development... Here's what we offer you: Server Rates Exp: x5000 SP: x5000 Adena: x1000 Enchant Rates Safe: +10 Max: +25 Normal Enchant Rate: 45% Blessed Enchant Rate: 75% Crystal Enchant Rate: 100% Server Features Custom Armors Dynasty Armor Sets: they are slightly stronger than Grade S armors, farmed from every monster. Ice Crusader Sets: they are slightly stronger than Dynasty Sets, farmed from special monsters in Garden of Eva. Custom Weapons Dynasty Weapon Pack: they are slightly stronger than Grade S weapons, farmed from every monster. Icarus Weapons Pack: they are slightly stronger than Dynasty Weapons, farmed from every monster. Custom Items Custom Hoods: they give a boost in either Hp, Cp, Mp / P. Atk / P. Atk Speed / M. Atk / M. Atk Speed, farmed from every monster. Custom Masks: they boost by adding either +300 P. Def - M. Def or +200 P. Def - M. Def, farmed from every monster. Custom 53 Tattoos: all of them giving different stats, choose what you need more! Soon to be added: Wings, with balanced custom stats. Balanced classes. Everything is edited so that everyone is equal. Special Deal for the first 9 Clans! :: The first 9 Clans who reach level 6, will choose whichever Castle they like, WITHOUT siege. LIVE DATE: 29/11/2014, currently in beta and chars will be wiped once in Live! We hope to see you in game.. ~L2 BlackList Staff NOTE:: We will also host a x75 Server for the ones who love lower rates.. Website: http://l2blacklist.com
  6. [ENGLISH] L2ExtoL GRACIA EPILOGUE LOW RATE SERVER! Hello Everyone , Some informations about our project: We run on a Unique L2J platform and everything we fix based on retail. There is a Donate Choice but is voluntary and only exists to support the Server, nothing that will affect the normal development of game play in the server. (Only hat and Services) Class master up to Second class. Consumable shop with Soulshots & Arrows up to B-Grade. Auto-Pick up feature for some items (Knight Epaluete for example). Combat Stats & Droplist available via Shift & Click. TvT Event - Death match | Last Man Standing | Capture the flag. PvP Arena LeaderBoards Manager Every 240 Min(s) - Every 240 min(s) announce most PvP/PK kills. Fisherman LeaderBoards Manager Every 240 Min(s) - Every 240 min(s) announce whoever catches the more fishes. [Revita- Pop Reward] Gift of Vitality Always enabled in order to balance the rates! Exp : x4 SP : x4 Spoil : x4 Drop Rate : x4 Adena : x4 Raid Jewels Drop : x1 Manor : x1 Vitality Herb: x2 Quests: Item Reward : x1-x2 Adena Reward : x2 XP/ SP Reward : x3 Drop : x2 L2ExtoL Website: http://L2ExtoL.com/ L2ExtoL Features: http://L2ExtoL.com/index.php?op=features L2ExtoL Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/L2Extol-Low-Rate-Gracia-Epilogue/552692531431127 L2ExtoL Videos from previous - current Project: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=l2extol
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