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  1. Everyone knows that. L2J just needed a name for abstraction to be able to use different implementation (no Geo, Geo + PN file, Geo based PF, Navmesh, ...)
  2. Kara is a noob & a scammer, it's known for years. It's his 3748479392 accounts, just be smart when you pick someone next time.
  3. You're so wrong on that. Once base is obtained (STR, DEX, ...) nothing actually changed... :D
  4. That's a lot of bla bla for "We made an interlude server using Grand Crusade"
  5. Thanks for sharing, bloody legacy code. Even if it's just visual on client for unity as item isn't dup server side, it requires fixing.
  6. Well that can't be, everything works as in video from retail. Please don't misadvertise for nothing.
  7. 9 months since we forked Mobius to replace L2JUnity. Still going strong with all the leeched updates, so thanks for that. Made 3 commits ourselves in 9 months, using l2scripts
  8. Vouching for this server, this is L2OFF. And you know how much I like discredit people :)