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interlude [L2J] Interlude.PRO x1000 PvP Reborn at March 30, 17:00 GMT+2


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Since my topic in Previews is locked (I dunno why) I annaunce it here.


Announcement: Hello dear players. The new PvP rates server will start on the March 30 at 17:00 GMT+2. Invite all your friends and clans to join, and help us to advertise the server.




Rates x1000

20sec teleport protection

Only 1 box allowed from 1 IP Address

Anti heavy protection

Offline shop system (just put your sell shop and exit the game)

Wedding system

Retail olympiad (teleports out of olympiad immediately after the fight)

Dualbox in Olympiad protection

Protection from exiting olympiad fights (immediately takes points from the leaver)

Nick, title coloring from pvp/pk system

Clan add rep item (from 5 clan level, adds 1000 rep points to a clan)

Account protection system(bind your account to your ip and be secured)

Stackable enchant scrools (Enchant scrolls take 1 slot in inventory like in higher chronicles)

TVT Event everyday

DeathMatch Event everyday

GM Events






Class Changer

PK/PVP Top 100 NPC

Enchant Skill All in One NPC

And others!




Safe: +3

Max: +18

Max from vote/donate: +18

Simple Scroll: 80% (Max +15)

Blessed Scroll: 85% (Max +15)

Crystal Scroll: 100% (Max +18 )




Main town Giran, starting town Goddard

Adena 1,2,3



Raid boss zone


Other information:


Max subclass:5

Max members in clan 30, max clans in ally 2

No S grade penalty

No weight penalty

Auto pick up

Olympiad everyday 18.00 - 24:00 GMT+2

Oly validation period 24 hours

Buffs 9 hours, max buffs 50

Fully working geodata

Fully working augmentation system

Augment skill chance 20%

Max 1 passive and 1 active augment at a time

You get Noblesse after you log in

DDoS protectons

BOT protections




Website: http://www.Interlude.PRO

Facebook: http://facebook.com/InterludePRO

Account registration: http://acm.Interlude.PRO

Report bugs: http://bugs.Interlude.PRO

System patch: http://Interlude.PRO/index.php/page_downloads (will be uploaded before the server start)

Server video:


Old Times    ;)

L2 Interlude PRO RainBoW Vs SucideClub/FallenAngels/LostFighters in Baium !


L2 Interlude PRO RainBoW vs LostFighters+EliteSquad 9vs9


L2 Interlude PRO RainBoW Vs FallenAngels 9vs9


Invitation Event: http://invite.Interlude.PRO/ (share your link with your friends and get reward - donation system points!)


We will meet you in server at March 30 at 17:00 GMT+2 :)

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admin say me give me payer heal empower shield and m def  passive + stone  solar    payer active and cele for open server true admin ?  i want see say yes


When I asked you to ddos server for test purposes you didnt answer me, now you making threats :D GL DDosing 60gbits noob

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