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[Guide] Map Installation


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Ok Here is an easy way to install maps. First you need a copy of WinRAR.


Then you need to open the .rar file you just downloaded, and extract the map information to your cstrike folder.


This is located in (drive):valve/steam/SteamApps/Acct name/counter-strike/cstrike


If for some reason it doesn't work then you might have to manually extract the files.


1. create a folder on your desktop called unpacked(or whatever)


2. extract everything to your unpacked folder.


3. go into your root cstrike folder ....(drive):valve/steam/SteamApps/Acct name/counter-strike/cstrike


here you will see a bunch of folders and other files . We are concerned with the following:







If you don't see these then you need to create them.


Simply cut and paste everything from the unpacked folder in to the appropriate folder. Here is a simple guide:


File Name Folder Placed In


.txt Maps

.bsp Maps

.tga Gfx/Env

.wav Sound/ambience

.spr Sprites

.mdl Models


If you get any .wad files then place them in the ROOT cstrike folder

(drive):valve/steam/SteamApps/Acct name/counter-strike/cstrike



Credits to :   to my friend  DeadScream

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