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  1. guys when i am going to change LineageWeapon.clear to LineageWeapon.unreal in L2Toolo , it give's me a file with name temp , why ? can someone help me ! ?
  2. man i think the guide is like .::WaterKiller::. guide http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=15069.0 or i am wrong ? :D
  3. lol what is this ? amazing share criticalerror hahahaha really very funny :D :P
  4. lol no eheh :D its about for example in LineageII its about //setcolor (code of color) ( time ) and its about some times for forum take a look here in the picture : http://img524.imageshack.us/img524/6292/eleosmt1.4fc5d58256.jpg[/img] http://img524.imageshack.us/img524/6292/eleosmt1.jpg and about other job ' s
  5. anyway tell us what pack using and what is Interlude ? Kamael ?
  6. the link edited ! have fun ! :D
  7. http://rapidshare.com kanto upload ekei ! i steile mas auta p leei mesa !
  8. http://rapidshare.com/files/109609411/color_code_s.txt i made this .txt to help you about color code's because i know that u want them ! i hope to helped you :D :P
  9. prepei na exei problima o buffer sou i to pack ! den eimai sigouros ! an thes pare mia geusi apo ton buffer p s edwsa
  10. den to paw gia spam ! alla kai pali den yparxei periptwsi na ani3e allo init giati se ena interlude pack mono sto jscript exei ta init ! opote tha ekane ton dromo p tou eipes esy prin gameserver/data/jscript/custom/9999_NPCBuffer/__init__.py gt an thes na deis kai monos se ena interlude pack an pas sto "script " den s exei arxeia me init mesa ! opote den einai xazo to pedaki ! borei na dei kai monos oti sto script den exei init alla mono sto jscript ! ara bgikes off topic ! anyway
  11. des kai esy ti s leei kalytera to anigw me simiomatario kai ine adio exei problima to __init__.py opws eipa prin ! ara i pernei init apo allo buffer i pernei enan etimo buffer opws auton pou tou edwsa !
  12. tote exei problima o buffer s edw einai ena link enos buffer kai exei kai 9wres etoima buffs : Npc Buffer o buffer einai gia interlude :D :P
  13. i just copy pasted it ! i didn't checked the link's ! so about that but it was fast to help black jack ! i will check about link and if i found the solution i will fix it ! wait in advance