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    apla L2 Server maker
  1. ston l2lava.net uparxei bug me adenas perneis arketa pets kai meta ta poulas kai vgazeis peripou 900 m sinolika
  2. what kind is it? its an war game or adventure?
  3. Elpizw oi apopseis sas na einai ali8eis
  4. 8a exei GMshop p na poulaei to formal wear apokleietai alios dn 8a upirxane kan ta wedding NPC's
  5. analogos to datapack pou exeis an einai kamael exei etoima NPC GMShop
  6. One StuckSub server is L2Eclipse from here u will find some infos www.l2eclipse.ucoz.net and Enjoy the game ^^ P.S.:Server is Interlude :D
  7. Welcome! have nice stay,CP and Replies :D :D
  8. afou exeis L2JFree tote prepei na exeis kai to java! an dn to exeis mpes edw www.java.com kai katevaseto :D
  9. kai pali enchant bugs dn yparxei periptosh na uparxoun einai teleiws adinaton
  10. hmmmm only interlude servers are stacksubs but i can't remember when server it was
  11. U want to say that u search for server with x15 XP rate? if yes one hellbound server is L2Godz www.l2godz.com go and see :D
  12. Afou einai L2J mallon 8a fteei to java h to mysql. Gia java pas sto google.com kai grafeis java software 8a patiseis to java ver 3,6 kai gia mysql 8a pas pali google kai 8a grapseis mysql 5,0 kai katevaseta einai polu aplo 8a ta katafereis pisteuw ;)
  13. Welcome to all maxcheaters members and have nice day with many posts and replies :)