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  1. Nice share stefoulis Gonna test it . I will edit post with comment.
  2. Actually NCsoft is working on Hellbound not CT2 because CT2 = Gracia <_<
  3. I dont like the custom pvp system because someone can dualbox and earn a certain amount of pvp points. -.-
  4. HMM off server i will try and i will edit post with comment. BTW as tzrcryp100 said post the hardware too ;D Ty.
  5. Very nice share Vago, its is very cool
  6. Hey finally your servers are IL or Kamael Because A-Style added prefix Kamael L2J xD ?
  7. Nai. ( 6,5 gia thn akriveia xD ) Exeis tsakw8ei pote se dhmosio xwro ?
  8. Den 8a htan omws kalytero tetoia threads na ta postareis sto spam topic epeidh 8a arxisoun na spamaroun kapoioi . :S Btw nice guide an kai den pistevw na to piasw pote sta xeria m :P