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  1. that link the weapons have the black effect?
  2. Does anyone have the glow of shadow weapons, the ertheia to Interlude? video->
  3. i need to log my buffs =/ i have baby pc !
  4. Bot for L2Heroes IP: Port: 7777 Token: Default IL Dont Have BakeIce! I need OOG!
  5. L2Walker was patched for DEFAULT (14:39:44) Copyright by Hint (http://msfu.net.ru) 14:39:45 Now we will use local verification:o) 14:39:45 Enjoy! 14:39:46 Link LoginServer Succeed. 14:39:46 ->Login LoginServer Fail. I use l2asrv051
  6. No Reply? =/ i use l2.net message = lol gameguard
  7. Yes, have gameguard. informations IP: Protocol: 746 Login port: 2106 Please Help