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  1. Ohayo mate :) sup ? what's cookin

    1. Kràtos


      Hey dude happy x-mas :) everything goes fine :). what about you?

  2. A hello should be enough! wise man agrrrrrr

  3. i want to drop in and say this server sucks without even testing it.
  4. The server is awesome, you should try it out it's really worth the time :).
  5. Ye we can join now so tomorrow you decide to end beta and wipe the server.
  6. Okay I saw that you have added donations and fixed your website which is great, thanks for the given information i just hope you do not add donations for enchanted weapons or augments because that will spoil the decent looking server. I guess this will be see you in game :).
  7. Can you announce hour of opening im planning on joining with few friends and they asked me this question. Also did you buy ddos protection because there are many kids out there that do ddos attacks just for the fun of it. Can you also send me a PM with the list of donations i want to see if its worth to play on it or is it the next money orientated crap.
  8. There's a safe farm for newbies.. why do you always have to go on the non-protected zones to farm and afterwards complain about it ? I don't get it. Server's not bad for a server having so much customs .
  9. DreaM


    Oh .. so now i see what's the purpose of those badly-drawn pictures expressing different emotions... They are to be used by fail trolls good at nothing in life :].
  10. Another cliche server with gm shop till' B grade .. the idea is good but server has no future.