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  1. 20 minutes until server goes online!!! these our customs idiots
  2. thank you very much! 2:30 gmt+2 get ready :)
  3. 2 days left guys prepare your clients :P
  4. im glad to announce you that L2Sand is opening Oppening at 24/11/2012
  5. how to buy dusk weapons : on +1pvp you have 10 % change to loot event medal and with 50 event medals you exchange for a glit and with 1 glit you can buy any dusk weapon :)
  6. beta mode is closed we have to do some updates and add all the features in few days l2sand will be online back :)
  7. SERVER IS ONLINE :) DOWNLOAD THE PATCH FROM HERE http://l2sand.com/download.html
  8. for me it is a great pack because i have support from the developers and it helps me very much! plus its the pack i would prefer for all interlude projects if you try it u will understand me!
  9. almost 2 hours left before server goes live :)
  10. l2sand.com mid rate c6 4 hours will be online
  11. im glad that you like the features :)
  12. thank you :) , few hours left until server goes online :)