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  1. 2k19 and still asking for something unique XD!
  2. Seems promising,I am gonna give a try. GL mate :)
  3. Do u still lf players or u are full?
  4. Correct me if I am wrong but u dont have to craft the S .You can buy them from the gm shop aswell the apela (With farm items,I gues)
  5. Did he use something like "wallhack" at 3.54?
  6. What happened to ur previous project? That project which u post "some" days ago .
  7. The satisfaction which you receive after one successful craft .In additional,it's more entertaining to farm the mats than the farm items
  8. What is unique in this server?(I see the same features, like the rest of pvp servers) Also can u explain me why should someone spent his time on hard-farming PvP server and not on mid-rate?It's will be more funny and kinda more balance(a mid-rate server)
  9. not russian sh1t servers! Still looking!