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  1. why joinin java when u got l2 off servers ;)
  2. can u repost discord if event not over
  3. not rlly i say what it comes to my mind, and yes i played on first evoke and it was good, and maybe ur right i said that, but 2nd evoke it was a fail, fail becasue it died quickly and because maybe it wasnt the real evoke. so if it is true what ur saying have u paid me for saying that about ur server? No. So why u think someoen paid me? as u said if i was taking ur side all the time why shoudlnt I doin the same with a proven better server than urs.
  4. No server can be compare to dawn so no thx keep it simple just open and close servers we wait for dawn.
  5. one of best servers ive ever played
  6. just get rid of the viruses if u want more players
  7. is there any server C6 mid rate(15x-150x)?
  8. Check this out: http://forum.pmfun.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=50277&hilit=evoke Real L2Evoke (site+facebook).
  9. "Buffslots retail: 22 + 4" xD