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  1. if this server is open on L2jFrozen = fail
  2. substack system is good but this is lol server with lol web
  3. 1 Week Ago #27 claww Re: [share] Subclass Master (Stackable Skills) by Allen Hey please anyone can reupload For Interlude ??? i really need this npc for interlude ... Please reshare it if someone can add this for interlude i will remake it for L2J Frozen xD
  4. Dead server "We have decided to remove the stacking sub system for server sustainability. If we keep the stack system, players will come, but not nearly enough."
  5. Tomorrow 12.00 will be beta rate XP/SP 125x, Adena 150x, Drop 6x
  6. Its Mid-PvP server, and files are good.
  7. java ps. we are fixing these files 3 months
  8. We are going to make good balanced and pvp/farm server.
  9. www.l2Innominate.com L2 Innominate is new C6 Interlude server. OPEN BETA: 7th May 2012 - 13th May 2012 WIPE: 13th May 2012 OFFICIAL START OF THE SERVER: 14th May 2012 No Donations for items!! Processor: Intel i5 4x 2.66+ GHz RAM: 16 GB | INTERNET: 100 Mbps Hosted in France EXP Rate: 40x SP Rate: 40x Party EXP Rate: 1.5 Item Drop Rate: 2x Spoil Item Rate: 10x Raid Items Drop Rate: 5x Quest Drop Rate: 1x PVP Coins Balanced game
  10. [PL] Ustaw auto learn skilli poshwithaj sie pare razy i sprawdz czy usuwa i dodaje skille czy sa stale te same
  11. # True: Change level after add a subclass # False: Not to change level after add a subclass. Default: True DecLevel= True <--- Change this to "False"
  12. Hello all i want to share substack npc by allen but changed to L2jFrozen by me http://www.4shared.com/rar/76RKtO0W/SubStack_NPC_l2jFrozen.html #--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # SETTINGS #--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #For more than 3 subclasses, you must increase the variable number into the SQL and add to the database. #inside the sql you will fin