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  1. http://fandc.ro - high five - skype: duma.c


  2. Hey, i didn't received any message, can you please tell me here on private your skype ?
  3. Ok, how you will change the login port into the client which by default is connecting to 2106
  4. if you plan to use a different login server, there will be a problem related to the login port, since you are not able to modify it from l2.ini and it require a modification in dsetup.dll. You can buy sguard and ask them to change the login port to a different one. I really want to see how you will run two login servers on same port, as the god of java(Pleyne) has gave you instructions.
  5. wan and lan ports must be the same you have entered random ports at lan port
  6. http://fandc.ro _ new professional pack available with discount, check our website or contact me at skype: duma.c

  7. i see you have some projects below the compiled, maybe there is the source you are looking for, try use CTRL+Shift+R and in the box write *.java, or search directly for the file you are looking for EX: Config.java
  8. you need java files, class files is java compiled which cannot be edited.
  9. i guess you don't have the source since you open it with an decompiler
  10. Exist much more events like that created by other developer since 2014.
  11. Team vs Team Protect the King Last Man Standing Korean Style Capture the flag Fight for throne Deatj Match Treasure Hunt
  12. I don't know your purpose here sorin, you know nothing :)) you'r still newbie as i knew. Also i think you just have a typo in your name cause your nick should be " Please " not "Pleyne " and please leave the topic cause you wont get anything here.
  13. HAHAHA :))) LRO doesn't exists L2RO is gipsy pack, let's me explain Sorin went to claww : Sorin said: please share with me your pack i will share with you one pack i have from russians ( a free pack, i didnt knew ) claww (stupid): ok i will Sorin went to l2scripts with mouse hacked skype: Igor please share with me i open new server ( he got some features and added in l2f and then changed l2f to l2ro) Igor(stupid): ok i will here sorin become developer with his own pack with 0 skills but he have gipsy skill to stole things from people Sorin went to all developers: please share
  14. Pack is developed by me from 2011 - Present / michael developed some of the features. I'm not ask copyright of his features but of the pack. I asked this shit of guy to compare our sources :D he avoid that