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  1. IRS left Negative feedback for a topic   

    [Fandc-Project] PRO L2 Emulator High Five - [Stable Project]
    if you want to buy this pack, claw will Fast Response even he will respon every minute , but after you already payment the service claww will be low respon, if you need him , he will have reason like " sorry i'm not on my desk " or "sorry this weekend" or "sorry this my holiday" and the last one is " sorry i'm on vocation " so save your money from this scammer carefull

    claww was The Seller

  2. IRS left Negative feedback   

    careful with this man !! fandc are sh1t code, if you want build just use L2J , do not use FANDC !!

    claww was The Seller

  3. N1nj4Styl3 left Negative feedback   

    Pretending to have been L2Pride's Developer while it's not true. Beware.

    claww was The Seller