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  1. Yes i closed the firewall of the pc , i cant close rooters firewall just put to Low . yes i did it that way but nothing happens
  2. Thanks for the answer. U mean like in the uploaded photo ? Cause still the port are closed and i cant connect. My computer is connected by ethernet if that helps .
  3. u mean to the who is the rooters ip ? It is forwarded to that ip
  4. Hello, im running normally l2j server and i can connect to the game with but when i'm trying to connect with the external ip i cant log in . When i am checking ports 7777 and 2106 they are closed. I opened the ports inside the rooter and i added them into the firewall but they are still closed so nobody can connect !. Help me , thanks !
  5. Mpori kapios Na dosi kana guide i na mou pi pos douleyi to hlapex dld tin arxh to anigo kai meta ?xD Help me pl0x ^^
  6. the server is openning normal (gameserver:online loginserver:online)but the client when i write id and pwd is say password do not mach this account! :(
  7. ty but this link. i have the server package (interlude) now wtf ? i can do??