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  1. Tried that, but still not working for me. It shows "you have been disconnected from server" in the char select window.
  2. I tried to exploit the vote reward but didn't work for me.
  3. Server died cause a DDos attack. Rest In Peace :alone:
  4. I wanted to use it for autocp but its not working me. Tested on interlude server and followed intructions. Any help 4 config? Edit: Working fine atm nice job. Dunno what was my problem :)
  5. Wts giran ch on core server (innova lineage2.eu) ~~No scam ~~Mail 4 more info ~~ jonabis81@hotmail.com
  6. I have some questions about the Binding Blow... :S First u call me retarded I must tell that there's a long time I don't play l2 since c4 xDD Binding blow it's backside attack no? As Backstab, I mean. And btw, why my bluff +15 chance doesn't enter even to mobs? :SS
  7. I offer powerlevel at L2Nope, if u interesenting just whisp ADAL13 i.g ;)