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  1. Hello guys, first of all apologize if i post on a wrong section but since is a request support section i believe is right place, so i have an acis372 pack ive fixed alot of things in it but not im stack at a liitle thing everytime when i enchant my skills and i just restart my character (relog) all my skills goes back to +0 if anybody had this problem could please share the fix?
  2. oh yes.....i knew that i forgot something thanks and i`m so sorry about that !!!
  3. About us: - Rates : 500x500x1000 - Enchant Safe/Max : 5/25 - Enchant Rate : 80% normal/ 90% blessed - Life Stone Rate : 10% High Grade/ 15% Top Grade - Wedding System - Number Of Buffs : 36 - Class Manager w/o quest - Auto Learn Skills Server Customs : - Satstuma Armor - Epic Weapons - Custom Tattoo - Custom Currency - Blessed Jewels - Hero Coin - Nobless Item - CRP Scroll - Costumes - Custom farm and farm mobs/Npcs - TvT Event - Captcha System - Shift+click command - Dressme (works only with costumes) - Multizone - PvP Nick Name Color - Pk Title Color - Cancellation skill edited to return buffs after 5 seconds - Killing Spree System - Soulshot code effects
  4. can anybody update this link please thouse htmls are rocking hard :)
  5. pm me with ur skype or facebook i will need a good staff , im already working on a server right now
  6. so many "smart" answers and chating amoung topic but 0 solutions just share the damn file/s whats need to update for win10 or just stop spam just to make posts
  7. tell me the issue so i can fix it....why u cant download ? what error u get
  8. first of all apologize if i make a double post last nite when i made the first one i had some internet issues and dont know if it worked, i think not cause i was looking for my post and i not in the lists !!! So......... Features Exp: 5000x SP: 5000x Adena: 2000x Drop: 1x Spoil: 1x Enchant Rates Safe Enchant: +5 Max Enchant: +16 Normal Enchant: 80% Blessed Enchant: 100% Crystal Enchant: 95% Custom Items Dynasty Weapon Gizmo Weapon Dynasty Armor Gizmo Armor Absolute Tattoo Gizmo Tattoo Wings Vote and Farm Item Other Features GmShop Buffer 2 hour buffs 60+ buff slot Gatekeeper Olympiad system 1 week 4 Farming zones 4 Grand Bosses 4 Bosses Starting Level : 80 SubClass Level : 80 join us now !!!
  9. new changes and updates has been made, follow us on our facebook or join our comunity and become an epic hero :)
  10. L2WhiteEagle RATES - New server XP x1000 SP x1300 Party XP x5000 Adena x900 Drop x10 Spoil x10 ENCHANT RATES Enchant Rate Normal 70% Enchant Rate Blessed 100% Max 15 Enchant Rate Crystal 95% Max 16 Enchant Safe +4 Enchant Max +16 SERVER FEATURES WhiteEagle x5000 Server based on retail like gameplay mixed with high rates Vote System Reward 3 Farm Zones(and leveling zones) Weekly Olympiad Weekly Siege No Bugs 99.9% Uptime Basic things: Custom Items. Two types of armors Two types of weapons Wings Two Kind of Tattoos Fully working skills. Working Fortress, Clan Hall , siegeable clan hall and Castle siege. Balanced Classes. Augmentation full working(active+passive+chance). Subclass without quest. Auto Learn Skills. Full Working Wedding Geodata, fully working. Champion system. Epic Bosses Drop edited Party Boss : Baium : Retail like Hours Respawn Zaken : Retail like Hours Respawn Antharas : Retail like Hours Respawn Ant Queen : Retail like Hours Respawn Valakas : Retail like Hours Respawn ADDITIONAL INFO Farm Zone and PvP Zones. Npc buffer (3h buff time) 33+4 Buff slots. (this makes difference between old school players and newbies) Class Master. Village Master. Clan Manager. Max Subclasses: 5 Top Life Stone Chance: 20% Noblesse Npc. Insidious Olympiad: Olympiad System: Weekly - Retail Olympiad. Olympiad Heroes: Every Sunday 24:00 Olympiad start 18:00 and end 24:00 Validation period 12h Olympiad List updated after every match SERVER HARDWARE Low International ping CPU : Intel Xeon i7 RAM : 48GB DDR3 2x 500GB SSD Dinamyc Connection (no limits) DDos Protected And for more aditional informations join our comunity today !!!!!
  11. thank you very much i really was looking for dynasty armor..