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  1. I'm interested in hearing feed back on the results of this project, if you have any problems good ideas or suggestions please feel free to contact me either here or at imgprojectcreator@yahoo.com
  2. [DOWNLOAD] Automated bot for Lineage II official Valiance, perfect for accurately watching your cp hp mp and simulating key strokes as needed. This app uses memory reading to detect precisely when to send custom assigned keys with customizable user designated cool down speeds. The user can assign up to 10 separate individual unique memory reading commands and no process or DLL injection is necessary making it safe for the user with little to no fear of ban.
  3. Sorry for the delayed post LOL, the server already is failed!. But NO the only similarity to l2zur this project has is that it uses in game macros for targeting"i decided to do this for several reasons i don't want or need to explain now why i did that", and so l2zur uses pixel detection which has a lot of downfalls, and my program uses memory reading where it actually reads the data being sent from the server and so will work miniaturized.
  4. -This program is a image detection clicker for almost any application -It has a user friendly capture image App for taking screenshots that is fully adaptable -You can add up to 5 separate image commands up to a infinite number of times -Perfect for watching a number of visible images on screen and clicking or sending keys as needed [TUTORIAL] ImageClicks: [DOWNLOAD] -Super simple -User Friendly GUI -Undetectable, no injections -Custom Send Time Delay -Insert button to start End button to turn off -Custom Key set up along with multiple keys -Up to 1
  5. Ye i had the same problem on this server so i decided to start my own project heres a link to my homepage for it www.L2conflictBot.webs.com
  6. "New Release 05/09/13" Change Log ------------------------- -Faster Attack sequences -Smoother auto-config -Anti-Stuck Improved -Allot more testing on functionality fine tuning so to speak -Multi-Client options -Few minor bug fixes -pause/play key options inside .ini configuration file
  7. LineageII IMGproject [Downloads:] ======================================================== IMGadvancedTrial ======================================================== Written by: Suspecteme@yahoo.com ----------------------------------------------------- Set Up: Step 1 = Unzip anywhere Step 2 = Run l2 Step 3 = Then run IMGproject.exe ----------------------------------------------------- Controls: Insert = run bot End = Pause bot Pause/Break= Exit bot "Options for control keys in the IMGproject.ini or IMGproject.con
  8. LineageII IMGproject [Downloads:] ======================================================== IMGadvancedX32Trial.zip IMGadvancedX64Trial.zip ======================================================== - Fully Automatic -Custom key setup available -Onscreen GUI detection -User Friendly Hotkeys Insert/End for Play&Pause -Uses CP/HP/MP/&Elixers -Farm/Bot Options are available -Comes with Anti-Stuck porperties -Multi skill and class options -Timed skills available -Works on XP, Vista, Win7 both 32 and 64 bit -Confirmed Working thru GameGuard & LameGuard -Cu
  9. The first time you run the program, its locates and saves to temp files the game directory by searching for the clicker's .ini some times this takes a few moments if its the first run before path is saved. But once the directory is saved and in temp files, its load time is much faster that is untell u restart your computer. So there is your answer :D sorry for inconvenience. Just wait next time for it to load LOL I use this program on 3 computers it works fine, and i have it on other forums and ppl tested it and said it works great so good luck.
  10. http://rapidshare.com/files/3722441013/Img%20Project.zip Project IMG presents [glow=red,2,300]LII Auto MP/CP/HP Clicker[/glow] Undetectable, no scripting necessary all fully automatic User friendly Hotkeys & Options.ini ----------------------------------------------------- Written by: Suspecteme@yahoo.com Copyright © 2012 Project IMG. All Rights Reserved. ----------------------------------------------------- Set Up: Step 1 = Unzip Anywhere & Install Step 2 = Run l2 make sure your hp/cp/mp is full Step 3 = Then run Project IMG.exe or Multi-Platform.com Wait