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  1. One day left until the Grand Opening ! Are you ready !? Download the Client : http://www.lineage2magic.com/client/ Create an Account : http://www.lineage2magic.com/wp-content/acm/ Download the Patch : http://www.lineage2magic.com/patch/
  2. BUMP ! Check our new promo trailer ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkNvXQ32sG0
  3. Server’s Grand Opening 20 of June 2014 21:00:00 GMT + 3 SERVER EXPERIENCE AND SP RATE ARE 7X.
  4. Our new SSD - OS is successfully installed. Waiting the reaction of the Datacenter, until now 0 issues. We're preparing for Live guys ! If everything running smoothly tomorrow Open Beta will be online. Fullinlove is working to a new antibot protection ! Check the Open Beta thread for news about OB. http://www.lineage2magic.com/forum/thread-40-post-335.html#pid335
  5. Everyone is invited to Open Beta phase. News will come tomorrow. See you guys !
  6. Server is up and running. We are stress testing the machine at the same time just to be sure. Tommorow at 19:00 GMT+2 server starts in Open Beta mode. Account registration will be up a little bit earlier. Also a new patch will be posted tommorow morning. More news about open beta will be posted by FullInLove in our forums! Come and join us! http://www.lineage2magic.com
  7. Hello everyone! We are very happy that our new community is growing day by day! Spread the news !! Also I would like to inform you with the current objectives: Advertising Finishing our new Account manager(1 or 2 days needed to finish) Setting up Open Beta Thas all for now! Lineage2 Magic Team
  8. Polls about rates and boxes are UP! Tell us your opinion! Forum: http://www.lineage2magic.com/forum/
  9. Got some new is our forums! http://www.lineage2magic.com/forum
  10. [L2OFF] Lineage 2 Magic Dear members, Lineage 2 Magic is a new gaming community, created long time ago. One member of our team had an unexpected problem in real life so it had to be postponed. Now, that everything is fine we decided to re-launch it. Our team is specialized in the field of Lineage2 by gaining experience, developing, L2off files since 2007. We are trying to provide one of the best low rate Lineage2 experience, very close to official standards. We have decided to run Gracia Final chronicle, as we believe in its uniqueness. It is not so old and it isn’t so “far away” from the Li