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  1. i will try it :) good job and share :D
  2. damn i don't seeing it but if its hide its should be working :D
  3. working on l2j :)) thx dude 4 sharing. its usefull then u don't have that item which u wont to buy :)
  4. so valhala will be with acu and more stronger or homu will be with acu and strong like valhal ??
  5. very good bug and very useful :D it's working !!!
  6. it didn't working always disconect :/
  7. hey can anyone scan this files with something. because i think here is a KEYLOGER
  8. does anyone know where take this q ? i heard with this coins u can do lot of money but i don't know where take this Quest.
  9. hey if it changes drop/spoil X so maybe someone can do this pach drop/spoil x1000? :DD or that is immposible? and tell me how to fix that white rabbit bug? :D
  10. i play in game's with lot of nicks :D favorite nick is OneLive :))
  11. there is no craft dupe i think :P
  12. hi :) this is old bug but not in all servers it is fixed . u need just a circlet of .... (dion,aden,giran,gludio....so any city ) 1.drop circlet in safe place 2.do RR ( restart) 3.u have one cirlet in inventor and one on the ground. 4. go to shop and sell it :) (250k each one) u can do this in the shop too . sell rr sell rr sell rr....... and u have some money not very much but its 4free :)
  13. i think on pvp is best mages sps,ss, or sph and maybe archers ( maybe)