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  1. In my cousin it works perfect what anti-viris you have...?? he have kaspersky and avast the perfect and no virus...
  2. This is a programmm I found on other forum... it iz lineage 2 hacks I don't know what it does becauz i don't have lineage in my home :( try it and tell me ... I found on other forum the link is rapidsare and it is hope you like it... ;D ;D ;D ;D Edit By Noble:Link Removed
  3. superhacker this share is hacked by you because i downloaded it i installed it and then my internet connection is like i have 50k/moden than 1MBIt and i found a file named rapidhacker.and i deleted and now i am ok but there is still my connection abnormal.
  4. thnx for share :D gamiseta oti poio xrisimo yparxei :) P.S. lazos1993 :P 100 l2 paizeis?:D
  5. Pfff don't spam Thnx for share :D:D:D I Almost done +10 weapon from +0 but then I couldn't even do one +5 :P P.S. Don't put it in exploits section plz ;)
  6. good share thank you :) That program is good cause u dont need "Systems" "Files" and stuff but maybe have some problems in weapons and stuff but its good when u play a lot of servers ^^
  7. Don't works for me in c6 Infogatel2 (L2j Interlude) Thnx for share but not for me :(
  8. thnx pantws to ekana me to shield slam alla silence akoma den efaga :P!
  9. Damn :P ! I think this is server's stuff :P its with cooldown maybe that server have no CP Pots cooldown and in some servers u must wait 2-3 seconds to put onother cp pot...
  10. yeah more info please I wanna test it.. p.s. thnx for the share ;)
  11. tati...u are simply a nQQb...damn this bug has been writen on this forum *666* Times!!!!! damn u sux that's fixed since c3 damn...nQQb u want and Karma...pfff try it do it on c6 and send a ph0t0 here then take 666 karma :P damn n00bz there is no enchant bug !PUT THAT IN UR MIND!
  12. omg :D cool lazos :) thnx for the share :) in some days I maybe as u a program ;) in ur signature that u write ;P
  13. THERE IS NO ENCHANT BUG!!!!PUT THIS IN YOUR MIND...Pffff... P.S. Why you putted 150 posts?Are YOU DUMP?You Have Only 6 :P LooooL... >.< [move]THERE IS NO ENCHANT BUG![/move]
  14. LoL Guys Tested On L2off and on l2j and working on infogatel2 and other servers like extreme (Before it got closed by fbi :P)
  15. re paidia afou outosi allos bug gia enchant den yparxei ! Oute yphrxe To bug me ta beli ktlp (*Consumables*) den htan bug gia eNchant aplws kolouses to client k eixe 10 opla mesa se ena!kai kaigontousan!pote den exei ipothi bug gia enchant pou douleuei!giati polu apla ta arxeia auta einai tou server ta enchant rates ktlp...ektws an mporeseis me kapoio hack tool na to allaxeis...pou pali den douleuei...hlapex is dead