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  1. Don't buy from him, he's a scammer & lier. He accepts money and gives you OLD crappy files from 2006. Attention: Huge scam, dont buy!
  2. You can lock this topic I will finish my talk with bonesaw using PM and I'll let him try it before releasing. Then I'll make a desicion who to share with. Atleast bonesaw will be here to say "yes its true" ;P Thanks for support, and to all people who said bad stuff. Enjoy L2 without my share ;)
  3. There are russian forums which only is for people who already shared big exploits. Thoose are the exploits which lives longest. It takes months before they end up in random forums. I will share it, you're a moderator. You'll see it later today or tomorrow. I wanna know, if I share it with moderators + donators. Can you assure me that it won't get posted again with 100 posts requirement or something? Because I really don't want this to become useless.
  4. Already sharing it with bonesaw when he comes. Im glad you won't have it. ;)
  5. If only maxcheaters was VIP forum only. Only people who shared an exploit could read other exploits. That would be lovely wouldn't it. I know I sound like an idiot but, I'd love to see maxcheaters becoming that. I know 2 working dupe exploits which works on every single C4 off. It's not patched anywhere. One of them is patched on one server, which is how I found out how it worked. The second I found myself which is a slight difference from the first. I don't share them cuz you saw what happened to last dupe exploit, got fixed in a blink. Tho if it was only VIP, then... then it would most
  6. I made up my mind, because of all noobs posting here I really see where it's going. This will get abused and become useless as soon as released. My decision is that I will only share it with moderators & lifetime donators only. I'm gonna show it to bonesaw as soon as he gets online. If you don't believe me I couldn't care less. P.S: It's because of all flames that I decided not to share with normal users.
  7. Sorry I've been sleeping, I'm gonna keep working on my realease. This is a question to a moderator: Is there any way I can prevent usernames from forum to read my share, when I share it? I wanna prevent both thoose lifetime donators who says it doesnt exist and work on crappy servers when I clearly said it works on every server that exist, no matter what chronicle.
  8. I don't think it's what you are expecting. I've been working on a software that will, easily explained: get whoever you want get banned. You'll see. I'm home now & started working on trailer of my software
  9. Im glad people will appriciate it. I'll post trailer today of it. A video, if you missunderstood. Then maybe people will stop saying "simply it's not true". I'm not home now but as soon as I am ill upload. Edit: it kinda dissapoint me that GM says ill get ban if i dont share it. doesn't really encorage me to share, does it..? Edit2: if too many people get my share then it will be useless. so post to read it will be very high
  10. Hey I know there's been other topics with fools saying "I know this exploit". I also know how lame that is. But I wanna say that I know something which makes you able to BAN anyone you want in any server. I think it might even work at retail ;P You might thinkg "why the hell you saying this instead of sharing it?". Well I don't know if its worth it yet. I wanna see how interested people are in it, what feedback I would get by sharing it. I've spent weeks, trying to make this 100% working. Now It's possible, I can ban anyone I want with this. Please don't flame me, that will
  11. Well I was unable to read it. Which makes me not so happy of sharing what I know since I'll get 0 from it.
  12. What im saying is, basically. Sharing an exploits usually leads to the death of it. When more people know it, it gets fixed. I remember and exploit my friend found long ago, it worked for a very long time untill he started sharing it with people. Then GM's also learned about it and fixed it. So my question was Let's say I knew this new exploit you're talking about, what would I get from sharing it? I'm not saying I know it, im just giving you an example. So far I've got nothing from this forum since all good exploits requires 1000 posts or more. So what would I gain?
  13. Why would people share it? What do you earn from sharing it?
  14. I tried every fucking way and, all have thoose invisible walls. I think this will never work. Probably owner who fixed geodata