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  1. EU server, Alliance, Silvermoon server, message me
  2. I'm selling this account. You can change the e-mail and the password as soon as you buy it. 23~25 LP per win. Price: 20 euro ADD ME ON SKYPE: ant_dls46, DO NOT REPLY HERE or PM.
  3. I mean i am a member since 2007, everyone knew me even the administrator, i'm not a person that scams! i just posted the pictures!
  4. OK , you 're talking trash against a veteran member, but imma post the pictures since i have to. Posts: 1,764 Reputation: 0 Member: 10349 Joined: 31-March 07
  5. 26 Champions , 1 Skin (Project X Yasuo) MMR. = Perfect. Will skip Platinum 2 and go straight Platinum 1. ADD ME ON SKYPE ant_dls46
  6. Offers, msg me! (για τους ελληνες δεκτες και paysafe) Dual Class Wynn Summoner !
  7. WTB 2x Unranked 30 Lv Accounts EUW with 23K IP + Email adress. Dont reply here, add me on Skype -> ant_dls46
  8. WTS SILVER 1 EUNE, 56 CHAMPS, 10e / Paysafe, pm me.
  9. WTB League of Legends Platinum Account Eune. 60+ Champions + most of the runes ( at least the basics ) Price around 25-30e//offer. Reply here, pm me or send me e-mail at antdls4646@gmail.com
  10. bump, i can trade this for league of legends platinum account, pm me