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  1. on the forum of my server has been reported that bug: We know that we have here some big bugs in sub class system .This bugs becomes that our subclass gets all parametrize from our main class like sp points, lvl. after made this trick we can have a lot of sub clas with high level. for exaple when i have sh 78 and i made this step after i have dc 78 wit all skilis and the same lvl lvl 78 doom cryer.this steps we made when data base is save in a serwer about 11pm our time.And my question is . what about GM for that bugs.Becouse is not fair when people farm subclas and the same time som
  2. i was working on something like that, but i was wondering on what was the code for damage done and damage taken, maybe ill put the guide on how to visualize also fulldrop, critical hit, lethal, magic critical, spoiled on the screen :D
  3. awesome textures, maybe moderators should give u another +1
  4. its old, doesnt work anywhere anymore
  5. there wont be l3, there will be just blade & soul