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  1. I have joined this server yesterday and... this is best substack server I've played , substack system is just amazing, you level both class same time , sub interface is easy to configure, auto learn spells... I wish this server could be up in time when substack servers were popular like DarkSide , Frintezza, Giant.
  2. Are you sure that it is L2off, last time I was playing there it was l2j for sure...
  3. Here I present tutorial how to run bot L2tower on official ncsoft USA servers. UPDATE YOUR GAME TO NEWEST VERSION AND FOLLOW STEPS: 1. Download GameGuard patch: http://files.l2tower.eu/ct3_nogg-rebuild.zip 2. Downloaded file unpack to system folder and replace. 3. Delete GameGuard.des and "GameGuard" folder from system folder. 4. Copy L2.bin and rename it to L2.exe 5. Run L2Tower.exe loader. 6. Chose path to l2.exe 7. Click Run & inject 1x 8. Play. L2Tower download site: http://forum.l2tower.eu/showthread.php?tid=728 Server site: http://www.lineage2.com/en/
  4. If they would start with hellbound, the server wouldn't be dead till now...
  5. Cant enter website , Nod32 has warned me for viruses.
  6. you know, becouse it was not advertised here I found it 2 weeks after it started...
  7. The first server of l2.ws project has started 9th of September at 18:00 (GMT+4, Moskow daylight saving time) Server site: http://l2.ws/index/page/info/ The server name is Rankar [x5] Account registration and auto-updater program: - In order to play on release you will need to register new game account. Release account registration will be available ONLY via new User Control Panel system which will be presented later. - New auto-updater program will be presented later as well, game client can be downloaded by these links: http://l2.ws/index/page/files/ Donation inf
  8. Molten WoW, they have 4 lets close to blizzlike realms , and one pure battleground realm What's the most important they are well populated, you can always dontate to skip queue... but on Netharion and Deathwing queue are lowest I recommend them.
  9. sorry for offtopic, what are these black nicks, and 2x eternity real, fake wth??
  10. Hello It takes from 1h to few hours depending on server XP rates, on 3x servers it takes about 3-4h it is a lot easier if you use WEH to teleport with hunter. Works on MoltenWoW and on a lot of others pservers !!!!!