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  1. im tired of people who have 2-3 antivirus which fight themself and think that everything is a virus just close my topic and go search for another sux l2control, then come back here.
  2. if ur running it on vista/win7 - right click > options > compatibility > winxp sp3. and run as admininistrator if on xp, there should be no prob at all ;) if you see your nick inside, ur hp and etc > then its working.
  3. it is easy to make it work, you add 3 lines with a "+" sign.. for hp cp and mp delays: hp 5000 cp 1000 mp 1000 depends on your server delays) min 90, max 95 for all.. and choose ur shortcut with this bottles
  4. most people cant figure out how to exctract 3 folders in 1, and they forget about l2net )))))
  5. latest phx download link: http://l2phx.pp.ru/arhive/l2phx.
  6. L2Control 4.0 Cracked! - Best Auto HP/CP/MP and Autotarget in L2 1- Launch L2control 2- Launch L2.exe 3- Put Your Setting and enjoy download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?zgme5g3zynj
  7. L2Net 3.82 Full Inculding Scripts!! +Data Pack +Map Pack No need to download anything else, its a complete pack! download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?u2ydy4jzydn Enjoy :)