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  1. Hi to staff,I am writing just to ask how can be that the forum has 2 accounts registred as "Cloud"?the other one is a VIP member so he can take any name he wants?Is just a little weird to see another one with my name.
  2. So guys I don't want to come back to l2 except for l2luna the other servers are all lame..So have u ever played Allods Online?Some people say that u can't exp without shop..but when I entered in game about 10people told me opposite..What's your opinion?Allods is a game very similar to WoW,with something different ofc and better textures.Waiting for answers!(The main questions is:Is this game worth playing?Is this item shop so necessary to play?)
  3. There is just a thing that wonder me..After I reach the level 25 what should I do except farm for items?I thought that the server would be a low rate
  4. I can assure you that this server will rock hard!I tried the beta phase but,since I got not so much free time,I'll not join it for now.This server is something really unique and build very well;for those who think that is another custom server,here is the answer:You are wrong since Imo this is the first custom server built with intelligence,like L2Vendetta(the old one) and maybe 1 or two others.Really nowdays lots of guys present their servers by saying:fully custom servers,no bugs,no corruption!But just a few guys say that without lying and be sure about what they are saying.GL to the staff,I
  5. Learn to read before post guys:/ luckily when I'll be back from greece,I'll be able to play mafia 2^^
  6. @Phoenix4 I thought that GW was something like a strategic game..now they are changing their philosophy and that's great so I'll try it when it comes out;I'll get a key by buying the game?Or I need just the game,create an account and play
  7. Guys,LineageII imo doesn't exist anymore...private servers emulate a different kind of l2,and I get boring as fast as u can't even imagine..That's why I would try something different like SUN..trust me,Try something different and/or wait for TERA
  8. I am pretty sure that I'll play SUN and try DDO..anyone playing SUN?
  9. So about guild wars,I'll give it a try when comes out! Somone know priston tale 2?is that good?Waiting for more suggestions!
  10. so guys aren't you bored of l2?I left the private servers 4/5months ago and still now I don't want to play again this mmorpg..Instead I am looking for a f2p mmorpg fantasy or p2p mmorpg with decent private servers..I have tried soul of the ultimate nation..any opinion?suggest me other mmorpgs as well
  11. Try this game guys,Imo is far better than Blur;I would call this game Burnout Pro Advanced;)
  12. Stupid I am italian and I know spanish.Come on insult me and take a ticket to banland kid
  13. Eh eh Italy ftw:P Even if I don't like Inter,I like its trainer(I don't know how to say it in english lol);mourinho is a good man
  14. Don't u think that every day drogata fix some balance problems?He is working on classes balance. @kurameboli leave mxc plox,a man like u isn't needed
  15. BUMP!nO 1 has still tried out this game?