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[GUIDE]Siege Basics ( For Lineage II )

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(A) Siege Qualifications

* Pledges of level 4 and higher may siege. Pledges of levels lower than 4 and pledge members may participate in a siege but have no right to own a castle.


(B) Siege Locations

* Gludio castle, Dion castle, Giran castle, Oren castle, and Aden castle are the five castles that can be sieged.


Siege Enforcement Date

* Before each siege begins, one may join through the NPC in front of the castle.

* Until the next siege, one cannot be damaged in the castle.

* When the scheduled time for siege arrives, a system message is sent out notifying the start of the siege.



2. Siege Preparation


(A) Siege / Defense registration


* To participate in the siege, the pledge prince must register for the siege. After the siege has been proclaimed [different meaning than in Lineage 1], if the prince clicks on the NPC official, a \"Siege Information\" interface comes up. From this interface if the \"Siege Information\" tab is selected and the \"Participation application\" button is clicked, the prince may register for the siege. Before the castle owning prince chooses the siege time, other princes may not register. But they must register at least 24 hours before the siege begins.

* While registration is still open, the prince may cancel registration by using the same NPC's interface.

* To participate in the defense, click on the NPC and from the siege window select the \"Defense Information\" tab. During siege week it is not possible to register for defense through any other NPC.

* The castle owning prince has until 6 hours before the siege begins (it used to be 24 hours, but through testing, the time was made shorter) to decide whether or not to approve the defenders on the list.

* The pledge occupying the castle does not have to register, it is automatically put on the list. The castle-owning pledge may not cancel its registration.

* Even though the castle prince has 24 hours after getting the castle to select the next siege time, on the test server, the time cannot be chosen.

* Since the maximum number of possible sieges that can occur simultaneously is 3, while determining a siege time, if three are already designated for a certain time, one must select a different time slot.

* Once a siege time has been chosen, it cannot be changed.


(B) At the beginning..

* At the very beginning, the castle is owned by a NPC pledge. For the first player-controlled pledge to take the castle, the very last pledge to hold the castle in the siege becomes the first player character to own the castle.

* If a pledge disbands while holding a castle, then the castle returns to the NPC pledge.


(C ) Hiring System

* Each castle's prince may hire NPC's needed for defense and place them in appropriate locations. In the castle, from the mercenary general NPC, one may hire swordsmen, spearmen, bowmen, healers, and magicians. They may be fixed to a location or their traveling movements may be chosen.

* Next is purchasing and placement of mercenaries.

- From the mercenary general NPC, the castle owning prince may purchase items. (These items are specific to each castle and has the castle name and the type of mercenary show up in a tooltip.) These items cannot be traded and only the castle owner may purchase them. If they are not used, they can be used later.

- The items can be dropped to the floor. These items may be seen by anyone but can only be picked up by the castle-owning prince.

- The items may spread around inside the castle. The place where they can be put down is at the feet.

- More than one of these mercenary NPC items may not be placed in the same spot.

- When placing the mercenary NPC item down, the direction the castle prince is looking is the direction the NPC will be.

- Even if the server goes down, the dropped items will not disappear.

- When the siege begins, these items change into the mercenary NPC's.




3. Siege Rules


(A) Start of Siege

* When the siege begins, the inside of the castle and the circumference is presented as the battlegrounds. All players receive the system message saying the battleground is ready. If there are players inside the castle who are not registered defenders, they are automatically sent to their restart location.

* A siege lasts 2 hours. Server down or NPC server down time is excluded.

* If the siege has begun, except for the defenders, if a character escapes or dies and restarts, they are not sent to the castle's town to restart, they are sent to the second closest town to restart. Also, when using other towns' gatekeepers, they cannot teleport to the castle's town. During siege, one cannot teleport to the castle town.

* When the siege begins or while during a siege when the prince of the castle changes, everyone except the defenders is moved to their camp/headquarters or the 2nd closest town.


(B) Rules of War

* The attackers and defenders are the whole army.

* Members of the same alliance, and same pledge are friendly forces [allies].

* Pledges that are not part of an alliance in the attacking group have no relationship with others [referred to as \"neutral\" henceforth]. Characters not belonging to a pledge are neutral.

* When attacking enemies or characters of no relationship to oneself [see above], automatic attack is possible but to attack allies [members of same alliance or same pledge], a forced attack must be done [use control key]

* When using ranged attacks, enemies and neutral members are damaged but allies do not take damage.

* Above the pledge emblems another mark is displayed. For defenders a shield is shown and for attackers a sword is shown. The background color of the mark is either red or white depending on the character being an enemy or ally.

* On the siege's battlefield, PK counts and penalties are not given.

* If an enemy goes out of the battlefield but maintains the siege status, a PK count won't be given.

* When a neutral character goes out, a pink status is given for 10 seconds.

* Death in the battlefield only takes away 1/4 the experience penalty as dying on normal hunting areas. Items are not dropped.

* When the NPCs are defending the castle, in the battlefield, all players are recognized as an enemy.


© Castle doors

* Castle doors have HP. During siege, the doors can be attacked but cannot be buffed or debuffed nor do they regenerate HP. The siege doors have a special quality where full weapon attacks are weak against them.

* If the doors are broken once, they cannot be repaired. If the castle prince changes then the doors are automatically repaired with 1/2 of their HP.

* The defenders can pay a fixed amount of adena to increase the castle doors' HP up to level 3. Since Aden castle's walls may be broken, the walls may also be made stronger.



(D) Siege Camp/Headquarters

* The princes of registered attacking pledges in a siege may use the build camp/headquarter skill to create a camp [or a headquarters] for their pledge within a certain range. During siege, this skill may be used only once. When the siege ends, they automatically disappear.

* These camps have HP so if their HP goes down to 0, they are destroyed. Like the castle doors, they cannot be buffed, debuffed, nor recover HP. If the camp is lost, the pledge will restart in the 2nd closest town instead.

* Pledges with a camp can have its members regenerate their HP and MP faster inside it.

* When the pledge prince makes a camp, it uses MP and 4 C grade gemstones.

* When the camp has been destroyed: neither the resurrection spell nor scroll may be used. Restarting at the camp is also not possible. In this case, restart will happen at the second closest town. The same goes for those pledges and characters not signed up for the siege.


(E) Castle Interior Dwelling

* The pledges on the defending side can restart at the castle interior dwelling location. There is a 30 second waiting period to go back to the battleground from within the castle [after restarting there].


(F) Life Guardian Towers

* Inside the castle for the defending pledge there are 3 towers. If these towers are destroyed, the following penalties will be applied.

* If two or more of the towers have been destroyed: Neither the resurrection spell nor the scroll may be used. It is possible to restart at the defenders' restart location.

* If all three towers have been destroyed: Neither the resurrection spell nor the scroll may be used. When restarting at the defenders' location, the teleport waiting time that was 30 seconds will be 8 minutes.


(G) Victory stipulations

* Inside of the castle there is a \"castle object\" in a certain location. An attacking prince must use the \"Master of Everyone\" skill for a fixed amount of time during the siege and thus the castle's owner will be changed.

* Using the skill takes 3 minutes. During this time, if attacked, there is a possibility the skill will get cancelled and it would have to be started over again.

* During the first siege of the castle [ever], the last pledge to hold the castle at the end of the 2 hours is the first owner.

* When the NPC is defending, if the siege time ends and no one has been able to use the skill to be the new castle owner, then the NPC keeps the castle.


(H) Mid-way victory

* When the skill has been used, the attackers and defenders of the castle switch. The attackers who are now defending restart within and their camps automatically disappear.

* Besdies the new defending pledges, all players are sent back to their restart point. Of course, those without camps are moved to the second closest town.

* The pledges of the same alliance of the newly occupying pledge that were registered, automatically change to become the defenders and are not automatically ejected. Those not registered are treated like others and ejected from the castle.

* The pledge that was just pulled from owning the castle, because they did not have a camp set up, they can use the skill for the one time allowed and build a camp.


(I) Exceptions

* Server down : In the middle of a siege, if a server goes down, when it comes back up, the state of the siege will be the same as when it went down and will begin from there. The defending NPC's and castle doors' HP, camps' HP, characters' locations are all as when the server went down. Until the siege starts back up, all characters cannot move, recover HP, exit the battlegrounds, enter the battlefield, and cannot attack.

* NPC server down : Similar to server down.

* Client force quit : While in a fight, the character remains in the game for 15 seconds and will continue to hit its target during that time.

* In freeze status: During a siege, if the server goes down and if the NPC server goes down, until the siege begins again, characters cannot move. When in freeze state, parties will have to be reformed.


4. Castle's structure and taxes


(A) Taxes

* In the Lineage 2 world, the castle is the one building in the region where taxes are received, government matters administrated, and economy managed.

* Originaly, only the castle prince may use the castle, but the prince may use an \"authorization transfer system\" to allow the pledge members and alliance members to use the castle.

* The ruling prince may set the taxes levied on the NPC stores. Since Aden castle is in the center, taxes are only received from the Aden region, but also from Gludio castle, Oren castle, Giran castle, and Dion castle.

* When owning the castle, it is similar to a pledge house, there is a storage available and there is a gatekeeper to teleport to the inside or outside of the castle. [rest is interrupted with garbage letters]


(B) Gludio, Dion, Oren, Giran castles' structures

* There is one outer door and one inner door.

* The restarting point for defenders is in the inside of the inner castle.

* The castle object is in the inner castle.

* One cannot enter through the outer walls from the outside but can exit from the inside.


© Aden castle's structure

* Inside of the first layer of outer walls is a second layer of outer walls.

* The entrance to the first outer walls is in the front. Siege golems may break a certain place in the first outer walls. There is a path to the outside from inside the first outer walls.

* The second layer of outer walls has entrances on two sides. The second outer walls also have a location where siege golems may break them.

* The area between the 1st and 2nd outer walls is affected by the control tower. Outside of these points, Aden castle is similar to the other castles.


* What about the control tower?

When defending the castle, the control tower may be used to to place HP draining traps [continuously decreases HP] or slow traps of 4 levels. The tower may be taken over.


Credits: S.A.L.O.M.O.N

Regards :)

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well it is that your brother was copy pasting , bahh




Nice Guide it will help newbies at sieges


well, my cousin was copy/paste WITHOUT giving credits...


not bad, good try.

LoL you didn't even read the topic... i give credits to SALOMON
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well, my cousin was copy/paste WITHOUT giving credits...

LoL you didn't even read the topic... i give credits to SALOMON

ok my brother was replied omg , tell him to no copy pasting he will not win smthng just a succesfull ban
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LoL you didn't even read the topic... i give credits to SALOMON

why should I? you think everyone will read it?

I said not bad cuz it's a WALL OF TEXT and he lack more things. And btw if I was still playing I knew how to play it.

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why should I? you think everyone will read it?

I said not bad cuz it's a WALL OF TEXT and he lack more things. And btw if I was still playing I knew how to play it.

go way -_-
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