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interlude [Interlude OFF] l2osiris.com rates x45


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Welcome everyone!


Here you have quite new L2 OFF Interlude Server.

On server at this moment is playing around 600 ppl and our community is growing everyday.

Feel free to join our community, I'm Sure you wont be disappointed, PM in-game for assistance catch me on /gmlist





- Exp: x45

- SP: x10

- Adena: x200

- Spoil: x5 (x3 quanity)

- Drop: x5 (x5 quanity)

- Seal Stones: x5

Interlude Features:

- C6 Client Supporting

- 3-skills bar

- Augementation (Retail)

- Max level 80 (Retail)

- Duel System, One Vs One / Party Vs Party (Retail)

- Demonic Sword Zariche & Akamah Dual Swords (Retail)

- Interlude Clan System (Retail)

~> New levels 6/7/8 by Reputation Points

~> New Academies and Loyals Ranks

~> Reputation Points gained by Raid Bosses, Clan members PvPs, Members classes.

- Divine Inspiration Skill. More Buffslots (Retail)

- Interlude Skills (98% Match to retail) (EX. Backstab hit direct to HP)

- Interlude Items. Weapons/Items/Armors (85% Retail)

- Herbs (Retail) [NOT ACTIVE]

- Hero Skills (Retail)

- Interlude NPCs (90% Retail)

- Interlude Geodatas (70% Retail)

- Interlude Quests (70% Retail)



- Custom Client Side dll Protection. To prevent the walkers and the 3rd party programs which send double packets to the server to dublicate items/skills.

- Custom Server Side Login Protection. To prevent OOG (Out of Game) walkers.

- Custom Server Side dll protection, which fixes one by one the exploits that players can try IG (In Game).


Notice: We can say that we use a good protection system. But there is a chance for everything.

Our Job is to Update the protection as fast as we can.



The Protection system is close on 95%. And our Antibot is 99% Retail.


Here you can find all the features that exist on our server. Also there are some other information about our server customs, etc...


Chronicle 4 Features (Retail):

- Fishing

- RaidBosses

- SevenSigns

- Sieges

- Skills/Items/NPCs

- Catacombs


Custom items:

- Epic Custom Armors (Heavy/Light/Robe/Mask/Shield)

- Titanium Armors (Heavy/Light/Robe)

- Dynasty Armors (Heavy/Light/Robe)


- Dynasty Weapons

~> Dynasty Sword

~> Dynasty Two Handed Sword: Bestows Focus, Health or Light.

~> Dynasty Phantom: Bestows Acumen, Mana Up or Conversion.

~> Dynasty Bow: Bestows Focus, Evasion or Critical Damage.

~> Dynasty Knife: Bestows Focus, Evasion or Critical Damage.

~> Dynasty Halberd: Bestows Anger, Critical Stun or Light.

~> Dynasty Cudgel: Bestows Anger, Health or Risk Focus.

~> Dynasty Mace: Bestows Mana Up, Conversion or Acumen.

~> Dynasty Bagh-Nakh: Bestows Risk Haste, Risk Evasion or Haste.

~> Dynasty Blade*Dynasty Blade: P.Atk of dual swords will increase more than one-handed type weapon when enchanted. Increases Critical Attack by 64. Enhances damage to target during PvP.


Skills Modifications:

- Griefbuffing skill to avoid the grief buffs from others.

- Buff Time: 1hour

- Dances Time: 1hour

- 3rd Time Buffs:   ~> Prophesy of Water: 45min   ~> Prophesy of Wind: 45min   ~> Prophesy of Fire: 45min


- 3rd Class Buffs/Dances: 1hour

- Siren/Cat buff: 2 mins


Custom Misc Items:


- Custom tattoo's.

  ~> Tattoo of Power: Special underwear item which increase your P.Attack.

  ~> Tattoo of Fire: Special underwear item which increase your Reflect Damage.

  ~> Tattoo of Resolve: Special underwear item which increase your Speed.

  ~> Tattoo of Flame: Special underwear item which increase your M. Attack.

  ~> Tattoo of Bravery: Special underwear item which increase your Critical Chance.

  ~> Tattoo of Blood: Special underwear item which increase your Bleed resist.

  ~> Tattoo of Absolute: Special underwear item which increase your max HP.

  ~> Tattoo of Soul: Special underwear item which increase your Attack Speed.

  ~> Tattoo of Avadon: Special underwear item which increase your Casting Speed.

  ~> Tattoo of Doom: Special underwear item which increase your P. Defense only when you have equiped a Heavy Armor.

  ~> Tattoo of Pledge: Special underwear item which increase your P. Def only when you have equiped a Light Armor.

  ~> Tattoo of Divine: Special underwear item which increase your Hold/sleep/stun resist.


Custom NPCs:

- Global Gatekeeper

Teleport to every place on the world for little ammount of adena's.

- GM Shops (Armors/Weapons/Miscs)

- Seal/Unselaer Mammon

- NPC Buffer

  ~> All normall buffs from 1st/2nd occupations. 3rd Class buffs are not included

  ~> Price per Buff: 1k (All players who are 61 level and less won't pay for buffs).

  ~> You can buff also your pet with the same prizes.


Custom Zone:

  ~> Elven Ruins [Party Farming Zone] (76-80+)


A place special designed to get lifestones (all grades and levels) by spoiling. You will need a full party to farm there.


Custom Drops:

Re-made drops and spoils, so that materials drop quantity will be x3 and

spoil quantities will be x4 for those items listed below:

- Animal Bone

- Stem

- Iron Ore

- Varnish

- Suede

- Animal Skin

- Thread

- Coal

- Charcoal

- Silver Nugget

- Mithril Ore

- Adamantite Nugget

- Braided Hemp

- Cokes

- Steel

- Coarse Bone Powder

- Leather

- Cord

- High Grade Suede

- Compound Braid

- Oriharukon

- Crafted Leather

- Metallic Fiber

- Reinforcing Plate

- Reinforcing Agent

- Asofe

- Thons

- Enria

- Mold Glue

- Mold Lubricant

- Mold Hardener



- Custom Spawn Points to avoid the Spawnkills.

- Clan Penalties have removed. Only Leave penalty is reduced to 5hours.

- Mana Potions (Give 250 MP instant).

- Super Mana Potions (Give a large ammount of MP instanlty. You can buy them from our Event NPC). [NOT YET]

- Super CP Potions (Give a bigger ammount of CP instanlty. Have some seconds delay. You can buy them from our Event NPC). [NOT YET]

- 2 Sieges per end of second week. (Depends on Seven Signs)

- Items for Nobless/Subclass are aviable in our Misc shop (items like lunargents,hellfires etc..)


Cya in game :)


GM Ninja

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Safe is 3, rate is like 10%, max is 8. That is one of the only reasons I don't like this server, besides not enough PvP. If any of know me, I was DarkElfy, Mr0rc, FatTurkey, and jaa. :)

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Safe is 3, rate is like 10%, max is 8. That is one of the only reasons I don't like this server, besides not enough PvP. If any of know me, I was DarkElfy, Mr0rc, FatTurkey, and jaa. :)

thats why i dont see jedis ^^,nice server but kinda hard in start

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