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  1. If it isnt much of a problem, id like guide against most classes. But if it is, i'd like versus gladiators,archers and prophets mainly.
  2. Heya everyone, I'm wondering if someone experienced playing with warlord on olympiad can provide some tactics regarding this class. I know basics for warlord pvp, but I need some more professional tips. Thanks in advance. P.S. its for c6
  3. I miss l2 valakas xD.best high rate c4 there ever was imo
  4. bumpy dyna fists are around 40e,epic mask 15-20 and tit armor is undonatable(best armor on server)
  5. I have Titanium heavy set,epic mask and dyna fists(566 patk) on osiris x45(i have more random stuff but this is most important).Looking for good offer on dragon x15
  6. make Announcments char or smth and pm them saying ure gm and bla bla bla if they want reward they need to give u ID and PWD cause u cant find that info in database
  7. this wont work on most good servers.its like lethaling rb with dagger blow.
  8. u can do quest.u climb on top of that hill then u take q from statue.after that u need to kill 2 types of mobs until u get 30 items.after that u speak to statue and it tps u and ur pt to arena.there u fight 1 t-rex then 2-rex and small raid after them
  9. i censored it cause gms can recognise me by some stuff i have in inv there ^^
  10. play some other server.on DN none of the best exploits work
  11. f1=pick up f2=attack after that normal skills go xD.i have button on mouse for cp and mana ^^
  12. if u can reach almost 500 crit rate with full buffs then go for qr.if u have low crit rate add focus