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  1. if Inventory.User.ByID(id, item) and not (Item.Equipped) then begin Engine.UseItem (id); There you go. That is what you need to make what you want I.
  2. +1 I see so many posts on various forums about how easy it is to bypass client-restrictions but not a single one is telling how to do it :p
  3. begin while true do begin <your stuff you wanna repeat here> end end. Also, check out the existing topic about adr scripts. The answer to your question was given there already :)
  4. To send more than one kind of items in one mail: Engine.SendMail ('recipient', 'subject', '', [id1,count1, id2,count2, id3,count3]);
  5. All you need to make it is shared here in this topic already.
  6. 1: depends on what type of dialogue box it is. If it's tutorial window no. If dialogue box, yes. Engine.DlgSel('whatever') 2: You gotta have spawnpoints in all cities/the city you know you will be in. Eg. if you soe from somewhere near Giran you will end up in one of the n spawnpoints in Giran. See adr scripting guide for how to use 'inrange' command. 3: yes. Again, see scripting manual. Hint: QuestStatus 4: no
  7. Try here: http://www.maxcheaters.com/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=search&fromMainBar=1
  8. There was a lengthy discussion about it on some Russian forum. Think it was Averia and/or 4gameforum. Maybe those are worth a look for you.
  9. Double check that you are using conditions correctly. '>' and '<' are not the same you know.
  10. Try Adrenalin official site perhaps? Just an idea :x
  11. Take a look in the client dev section. There you can find the tools you need to open those files.
  12. Afaik you need script for that. Settings in adr interface only lets you protect yourself ei. attack already flagged players.
  13. Code to looping a script is here in topic already. To repeat every x seconds just add a delay inside to loop.
  14. You don't need script for that. Can be set up in bot interface. From what you posted it seems like you are using wrong conditions for heal.