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  1. How much you want for all those items. I also play there and wanna buy but for sure not for 50 eur. As you can see I am also old member and not willing to scam you. Find another way to trade except me send € first. Thanks
  2. Szaka that guard is made by you for l2deathwhisper?
  3. As title says I have for sale following items: Promisance Sets (Robe , Heavy , Light) Dusk Sword +16 Acumen S grade weaps +16 Tatoos and Cloaks Epic Sets Pm me with what you need. Payment will be done only via paypal and you will go first.
  4. As title say I would like to sell following items: Draco Set IC Set MA Set AM +ACU +8 2 X AM +AC EWS EAS TT sets +8 Nephilim Shield LG Pm me with your needs. Payment only Paypal, and you will go first. Thank you
  5. Cuppa , please keep your stupid ideas for you. If you need posts do it somewhere else Thank you,
  6. Share with link will be appreciated.
  7. Hello , As title say , can someone PM or replay here with method to play with more than 2 boxes in l2mid? Thank you very much for help
  8. Julio maybe not everyone have a lot of money to buy everything. I request help..not links to spend money. Your support is appreciated.
  9. Try that already but I am stucked at rebuffing. I am near NPC and no action..even the buffs are removed. Any help please?
  10. Thank you arturo , for your attention, but i didn't mention that i want to buy. So please share or send in pm. Thank you
  11. Hello , As title say please share or pm me with a script for L2 Mid that , when char dead , go to village , rebuff and go back to spot. Thank you
  12. Try on l2avellan and pm with method if works ;)
  13. Try on l2avellan. Maybe it is what are you looking for.
  14. So, anybody is willing to share how to bot on avellan? Please replay in PM not here. Ty