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  1. AM 13 - back on stock again
  2. I have for sale in L2 Warland : AQ +10 Draco Set 10 DC Set 11/10/10/10 AM + 8 TT SET + 10 50k GOLD PM here with offers !! Payment will be done only via PAYPAL. Scammers can look for other posts please !! As buyer you will go first or we use middleman.
  3. How much you want for all those items. I also play there and wanna buy but for sure not for 50 eur. As you can see I am also old member and not willing to scam you. Find another way to trade except me send € first. Thanks
  4. Szaka that guard is made by you for l2deathwhisper?
  5. As title says I have for sale following items: Promisance Sets (Robe , Heavy , Light) Dusk Sword +16 Acumen S grade weaps +16 Tatoos and Cloaks Epic Sets Pm me with what you need. Payment will be done only via paypal and you will go first.
  6. As title say I would like to sell following items: Draco Set IC Set MA Set AM +ACU +8 2 X AM +AC EWS EAS TT sets +8 Nephilim Shield LG Pm me with your needs. Payment only Paypal, and you will go first. Thank you
  7. Cuppa , please keep your stupid ideas for you. If you need posts do it somewhere else Thank you,
  8. Share with link will be appreciated.
  9. Hello , As title say , can someone PM or replay here with method to play with more than 2 boxes in l2mid? Thank you very much for help
  10. Julio maybe not everyone have a lot of money to buy everything. I request help..not links to spend money. Your support is appreciated.
  11. Try that already but I am stucked at rebuffing. I am near NPC and no action..even the buffs are removed. Any help please?