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  1. can anyone reuplod walker , cuz link is not working for me. -.- thanks
  2. does anyone know where is blacksmith of mammon on this server?!?
  3. kiskisble you have L2net working? Can you share it pls?
  4. ok gonna test it. working for you w/o problems tobeq123?
  5. mpj when i log theres full of junk in my inventory that i done have in game. Same goes with skills, it says Unknown skill! So im using v381 and i guess l2net doesnt recognize server's items/skills/etc... Should i try older version or what? doin everythink ok with you?
  6. it worked long time ago. not anymore! @BulgarianMas7eR windows or antivirus? turn off protection
  7. well its perfectly understandable. Its just it doesnt work on mine serv. Pity
  8. just cuious, can you still edit colors with l2utils prog. in gracia? too lazy to try it? or with which program do you guys change combat colors?
  9. what the hell with the cow roflmao -.-
  10. muflon

    Grisom O.o

    wtf s with the long countdown xD
  11. any one know how to set up zhis for L2j? i cant make it work
  12. any one know how to set up zhis for L2j? i cant make it work
  13. assassins creed 2 looks promising