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  1. This server does not even worth your time downloading their patch. Community makes it the worst server online at the moment. I do not even recommend clicking their site. A new player cannot progress as they will always PK you and then flame you (cancer to your mom, etc etc). Do not even try it ;)
  2. Yeah, when the server started it had roughly 50 people on and since then that number declined really fast.
  3. Hello, I would like to ask about the time when the patch will be available for us to download. It will be on the opening time or sooner? Thanks
  4. Server opened a few days ago and it is already dead... The features are not that bad but it sure needs more people.
  5. Really nice features, I will be there on the grand opening :)
  6. To be honest I would not even spend a second on a server whose admin has this 15yo attitude.
  7. Server has like 7-10 players online (max 10), I've seen 2 in town and one in a farming zone. The features are not bad but the administration and the server overall is dead. Do not waste your time there it is not worth it. I gave it a try and after 10 mins I left.
  8. Just put all the items from the system1 folder to the original system and run l2.exe from there.
  9. I saw him yesterday after the opening as well
  10. At least do not wipe it after one month again :D
  11. Just stop lying already nobody is going to believe you. They are going to believe your players that say that not even one got the letter. And from a server that has about ~100online and not even one says that got it what do you really hope to achieve by lying? Just reopen and lie again.
  12. I would not recommend this server to anyone. As you can see the Admin said that the first 50 people who will hit level 76 will get a caradine's letter, the truth is that nobody took it. He keeps saying that the first 50 took it but I was one of the first 50 and even if I was not, there was one guy who was 100% cause he hit it too early after the server started. Nobody got anything and Admin just chat-bans everyone who ASKS him why they did not get the letter and calling him a liar. So server died already from a kid Admin with just some good marketing ideas. :)
  13. Hello, I would like to sell some items I've got on La2Dream. List -Major Arcana Robe Set -Dark Crystal Robe Set -Tallum Robe Set -Arcana Mace(Acumen) -Imperial Staff(Empower) -Tateossian Jewls Set -Tallum Heavy Set -Many mats and other items Pm me for more info or prices
  14. I used to play on L2Java both pvp and faction like 5-6 years ago. But yeah every time after the wipe it is still the same and eventually I got bored. So are the changes that you have made change that old playstyle etc. ?