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  1. Here's an old video. It's a little bit dirty coz was uploaded on old platform of YT and hasn't been updated. Can't find the link on Vimeo. Anyway, it represented the time when this forum was fully active. Where you could find ppl helping others a lot, could find ppl fighting a lot etc etc. April was famous because mods used to ban 30+ members on one day. Think about how much active was this forum since...
  2. Well this was stupid and ass licking. You should be creative making videos as staff used to make like +10 years ago. If you search MXC video.... You'll understand.
  3. No, you suck :) Merry Christmas
  4. Lol. His father was macedonian and his mother illyrian epirote. He had illyrian descent. But Alexander was raised greek, Philip II was hellenizing Macedonians, the people, the court. He brought Aristotle to tutor Alexander, made Euripides member of the league. Alexander himself considered himself greek, but he wasn't a greek.
  5. Macedonia is Albania. 50% of population are Albanian descent. They got Albania as official language as well. I think Albania will get Macedonia on itself, just like they did with Kosovo.
  6. Thnx god i realized on time what kind of stupid server this is. I was about to donate 100 €. There are like 2k ppl on and i see 100 ppl selling and 30 ppl playing.
  7. Hello, Looking for an Interlude server mid or high with active Olympiad games. Please not those server high as f... like x9999 and you have to farm like in a craft server x5. :poker face: Thank you,
  8. I don't know how's the rules now, but you should post server website link, not download links.
  9. No, it's not. And it never was. :troll:
  10. Any old school still alive?! :troll:
  11. HAHA yeah lot of tits there :) That board worthed.