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Found 22 results

  1. Hello. How to create radar map for specified chronicle and map? Any guid is exists? Need for this tool.
  2. kalhspera sas. exw perasei ena map kamael alla den mporw na to vrw. pws tha dw se pio location einai gia na to vrw! auta einai ta file pou exei mesa to patch ta exw perasei ola swsta xwris kanena problhma apla auto, den mporw na vrw se pio location einai!
  3. Hello boyz, i wanted to ask if anyone can show me how to change maps textures. I am mostly interested on changing those flags. Location : Gludin Village. Thank you in advance !
  4. Hello, maybe someone need it ;) Now i will adding Hidden zones in map (like Olympiad arenas and etc...). Here i share [4.674 x 4.182] MAP in .JPEG format... I have [17.100 x 15.300] MAP in .PSD format (but still in work...). If someone has request i can upload .PSD file when i finished it...| SIMPLE > DOWNLOAD <
  5. Ok guys, this is the Grand Crusade geodata map. This map created for those of you who uses my freeshared maps. And for those of you who used my maps creation service. Enjoy.
  6. Teleport data: 212856 -159768 -11712 224008 -159784 -11712 226472 -143016 -11712 Short info: Doors data here: download me Geodata Radar map here p.s. liked? press +1 rep button.
  7. TP Coords: x=-245761.781250 y=150377.859375 z=12075.068359 Geodata preview: Enjoy.
  8. L][neage modified Giran Plaza map Giran_Green_Fairy_v.1.0_for_HighFive Giran_Green_Fairy_v.1.1_for_HighFive Giran_Green_Fairy_v.1.0_for_Interlude puredemonsss@yahoo.com tutorial_v.1.0. ill make an video and more info when i have time ! ! ! warning of my bad english guys, sory :( ! ! ! ok here is a little tutorial on how to modify the maps of L][neage and an example of how i did my Giran_Green_Fairy_v.1.1 i hope that after you master this you will not be like other people and request money for your shares first you need those programs latest Jav
  9. Hello i am using acis and i wanna change the dimension of the map, server side not client side. So i went to l2world.java and change the x,y,max,min tile to the ones that i wanted. Then i log in game and tryed to go outside of my current world area and no matter the side that i run away from the valid map area it spawns me at the "middle" of darkelf village and primeval isle. And i was like ok ... so i just went back to eclipse made the correct tiles and i only made 1 tile row smaller just to see what will happen if i go to that area, i went and again it spawned me at the same location
  10. Video: TP data: 1. -75128 -239144 -8208 2. -87784 -239688 -8448 3. -75784 -252088 -7752 4. -87640 -252872 -3344 Doors: 17100001 Olympiad Gate 17100002 Olympiad Gate 17100201 Olympiad Gate 17100202 Olympiad Gate 17100302 Olympiad Gate 17100301 Olympiad Gate 17100102 Olympiad Gate 17100101 Olympiad Gate ================ 17_10 MERGED ================ This is merged version of this map (only map and geodata in archive. Staticmeshes and textures grab from not merged version). What does that mean? That mean that original map from Interlude o
  11. This pack has 16_19.unr / 17_19.unr / 16_20.unr maps. Some coordinats to check map: -86968 43192 -2128 Some coordinats to check map: -113576 75944 -3192 Some coordinats to check map: -117384 45288 360 Video: Short Info about: 1. This pack has all geodata and pathnode for Java Interlude server and PTS server 2. The Doors info you can grab from HF java server and HF client DOWNLOAD KAMAEL ISLANDS BUNDLE PACK Use this maps on your own risks!
  12. This pack has 19_25.unr and updated 20_25.unr map. Some coordinats to check map: 11592 250840 -2008 Video: Some screens: One, Two, Three Short Info about: 1. This pack has all geodata and pathnode for Java Interlude server and PTS server 2. The Doors info you can grab from HF java server and HF client DOWNLOAD HELLBOUND BUNDLE PACK Doors data for Interlude client (StaticObject-e.dat) 19250001 Gate 19250002 Gate 19250003 Old Gate 19250004 Old Gate 20250001 Iron Castle Gate 20250002 Wounded Passage 20250006 Secret Gate 20250007 Secret Gate 20250005 Secret Gate
  13. Hello Maxcheaters community today i will give you a gift. Since there are motherfuckers liken Ellen or the idiot russian LightFussion with the shitty / not finished jobs who insult my country , GREECE and the population here , i come with an answer to them Screw you , Greeks are the very clever, willing to learn and much decent. So... Here it is , the giran that everyone is searching i am giving it out for FREE. I take all the credits , and for that i also give as a gift inside the files , some of the backup maps of the proceedure before this map was created. Have fun everyone enjoy , and if
  14. Hello , does anyone know how can i place some effects on my map ? like a rotating black hole or something.. And if i manage to do this , will it make the envinronment near it laggy?
  15. Hello MxC community ! I open smr , i normally open the unr and usx that i want to edit , i can view it normally BUT i can not use the actions Add to import Table and Create new StaticMesh Actior . Any help would be appreciated since i am new to this and if we have any capable l2 Cliend Developer that is willing to help me learn , since i am a newbie on map editing i would really like it if he could send me his skype in a message so we could chat and i could learn a few things
  16. Hello everyone! :lol: I'm working on static meshes, trying to achieve something like this: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/130444-build-yard-with-aion-adapted-for-lineage-2-interlude-by-volond1/?hl=yard In that topic, kali wrote: I tried with a custom mesh made by me, and it shows up in game, but I can't find a way to load textures. This is what I've found/tried by now: 1. static mesh have 1 geometry and multi submaterial IDs. However, submaterials will cause UModel to throw an errors: "wrong index type" or "mapalloc". In game, the mesh will appear untextured. 2. static mesh with onl
  17. i think is time to make one MxC group for create GoD+ map client area to Interlude deMEV can help for the managment the team?
  18. Hello! Recently I saw this video below and I was wondering if that's possible. I 've been looking for that programme, but I couldn't find anything :/ Could someone share it? It's vitally important to me :/ Thanks! :) (video)
  19. Need add new static meshes in the map files for Interlude client. It's fortress artifacts (flagpole). All details and offers a PM.