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  1. I am in this server and I have to admit that the server is hardcore, donations are good, many people, gm events, pvp, sieges and everything that a x4 low rate servers needs to have :) <3
  2. i had adapted a skill from GOD Valiance to H5. as i remember, i think a file in the system has the animations for the skils
  3. Well!! I found a program that can do that, but I don't know how to delete an object (staticmesh)
  4. Hello! Recently I saw this video below and I was wondering if that's possible. I 've been looking for that programme, but I couldn't find anything :/ Could someone share it? It's vitally important to me :/ Thanks! :) (video)
  5. Thanks for your share! Do you have any fileedit that can open npcgrp.dat because mine can't.. :/ EDIT: Okay I found, thanks! Could you share some skills from these boss too?
  6. i ve found texture without real-pvp.eu but my problem now is that i use my working weapongrp and the glow is far from the weapon. i want to say that (for example antharas thrower) the effect isn't placed right and it glows away from the weapon. is there any way to fix or rotate glowing?
  7. frozenwarrior, can you also make custom maps for l2?
  8. hi. i could found effect glows for antharas, but for valakas and lindvior are incomplete. is there any way to "adapt" glows from OFF lindvior to H5? I have the client and i would like to know if its possible
  9. apart from this problem above at the start of the console it says that the l2jeuropa-gameserver.jar isnt a vaid jar. is it the source of the errors? if yes, how could i solve this problem?
  10. hii first of all i wanna say that you have done a great job :) seondly i face one problem with server. when i load startServerConsole it shows me a lot of errors and it stops at this line: at lineage2.gameserver.model.reward.RewardData.<init>(RewardData.java:80 ) at events.l2day.l2day.<clinit>(l2day.java:235) ... 9 more some of the errors it shows to me :/ pls guide me at bosses.FourSepulchersSpawn.spawnManagers(FourSepulchersSpawn.java:466 ) at bosses.FourSepulchersSpawn.init(FourSepulchersSpawn.java:207)
  11. Ti ennoeis kleidwmeno? What do you mean update is locked? Egw mia xara to katevasa, an ennoeis kt allo tote ok. I downloaded it without any fail, if you mean something else, then OK.