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interlude Map Dimensions



Hello i am using acis and i wanna change the dimension of the map, server side not client side.


So i went to l2world.java and change the x,y,max,min tile to the ones that i wanted.

Then i log in game and tryed to go outside of my current world area and no matter  the side that i run away from the valid map area

it spawns me at the "middle" of darkelf village and primeval isle. And i was like ok ... so i just went back to eclipse made the correct tiles and i only made 1 tile row smaller just to see

what will happen if i go to that area, i went and again it spawned me at the same location so my guess is

that the respawn area after invalid coord is the middle of the map (primeval - dark elves village).


AAAnd then again i tryed to make the map way smaller so it wont even load the tile that   that area was and all i got was not being able to open the server from numerous errors.


My question is : Can i change that area to a degree if you  leave the map you go some distance behind on the point before you leave. kappa

Or generall if anyone knows how that works and he is in mood to share some knowledge.


Thx in advancizzzz

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If you don't edit client side, there is no use to edit map dimension.


By spawned, you mean it teleports you from the moment you run into it, or when you relog ? It's normally the old badCoords() L2PcInstance method.

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