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L][neage modified Giran Plaza map


















ill make an video and more info when i have time

! ! !   warning of my bad english guys, sory :(   ! ! !

ok here is a little tutorial on how to modify the maps of L][neage
and an example of how i did my Giran_Green_Fairy_v.1.1

i hope that after you master this you will not be like other people and request money for your shares

first you need those programs
latest Java SE Development Kit 8
UE Viewer



create an working folder in "C:\"
for example i use the default main folder of UE2Editor
and notice that the folders don't have spaces wich is very important



ok now open L2smr.jar


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UE Viewer is extension for UnrealEditor?


no its for viewing and i place it in UnrealEditor just to have them all in one place :)

when i have time ill post some commands that you can use with it

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