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[l2j]Lineage 2 gm server


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Hello Everyone.


Are you tired of all those false and buggy servers which say they got something and then they do not ?


Then this server is for you, as we do not give you false information about working things nor do we lie about working things.


Are you tired of a lot of unfinished servers which have servers up for a few days/weeks and then shut down


Then this server is for you as we have a lot of the features retail has, still we do not have all of them.


I would like to give you a great opportunity to join this awesome server.




Gracia Epilogue



XP/ SP: x9999

Adena: xx9999


Retail Success and Safe Enchant.

Max Enchant: Unlimited

Every scrol ad +50 on any item..

Every one can be a gm(but there are 4 gm lvl, this is a pvp server not a gm server)



Single Kamaloka


Labyrinths of Abyss

Nornil’s Garden

Dark Cloud Mansion

Crystal Caverns with Lahm

Hellbound 99% retail like until lvl 11 with quests for Dynasty recipes and parts

Tower of Infinitum!

Coming Soon: Hellbound Towers

Coming Soon: Beleth

Retail HP Bonus on armor enchant over +4

Jewel Augmentation

Subclass Skill System

Fame system

PvP Weapons & Armors

Masterwork Weapons

Coming Soon: Masterwork Armors

All the fortresses and castles sieges working

All the castle and fortress functions working (Wyvern Mananger, Epaulette Drop & Exchange -for items and talismans-, Improved Shirts, Clan Gate)

Battle Arena (TvT event) every 3 hours

Aden & Rune Clan Halls Pet Exchange

Improved Pets 90% like official


and of course:

All the Grand Bosses (Baium with Archangels, Frintezza included, Antharas with minions)

Cursed Weapons

Retail like olympiads

Olympiad anti-farm system

Updated Seven Signs and Festival of Darkness

Clan until lvl 10

Clan and Residental skills

Boats & Fishing

Newbie Helper

Fixed Kamaels




Weight Limit: x5

Auto Loot (Auto Pickup).

Warehouse Sorting: Shows Withdraw Window sorted by item type (Armor/Weapon/Spellbook….).


Custom Addons:

120 seconds Spawn Protection.

Olympiad Anti-Feeding Protection.

TvT Event, every 3h

Offline Trade. Set your private store and click “Exit”.


About the Server:

L][ Rise of civilization is an international pvp Server, Lineage 2 private server. Our rates are x9999 (but this is not important) .

Our machines are located in Romania but this is just the machine location. Game Server Software is self-developed and has nothing to do with L2Off or L2j Emulators, other than that it was based of it to behing with like all other java based Servers. Our community is truly international with players from all over the globe and we are really proud of it.

We, the server Team, wish you a nice stay and we hope we cover your needs.


Server Restart Every:

* Saturday

At 10:00 am GMT+2.



Make sure you agree and know of the server rules.

Playing on our server is a privilege, not a right.

Vote every day it’s the least reward you can give us for the time and money we spend.

Consider donating even small amounts to support us.



Rise of Civilization


Lineage II Epilogue Server where there are no limit  no rules.

have you ever  think   how it will be if  on  one server all will have the GM power ? To start Singe when you want get item  when you want and keep the PVP in game , On Rise of Civilization all players are Gm`s.


There are no rules.

Yes  no rule do what  ever you think is   best for you to have fun

There are no limits .

Edit your on character how you want


Join us Today  http://riseofcivilization.com/

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Permissions are all screwed up...I couldn't even enchant my items, and I'm not gonna enchant to 65k with scrolls. Many of the buffs last 20-40 minutes, super haste is like a magic buff, which lasts 20 minutes, it's not toggle...and it only increases atk/cast speed, and not run speed.

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eh here if you become lvl 2 you don't need more lol. even kick you have. dude remove invul command from all gms to be pvp server. btw c/p from www.l2-gm.com

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eh here if you become lvl 2 you don't need more lol. even kick you have. dude remove invul command from all gms to be pvp server. btw c/p from www.l2-gm.com

lol so i can bother kicking everyone with macro? hahaha

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