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  1. I'm going to try out too. See you there. Hope it's good
  2. Thanks for the info guys. Although I don't even go to hopzone, but ehrr, good to know.
  3. Still 16h random spawn for baium? I saw your topic on the forum and there is only one vote, to keep the same random respawn times for epics. WTF ppl have no life 2k17?
  4. Gm shop will be up to S grade? or? what about this? "S-Grade equipment custom upgrades to extend end-game" Give us more info please. Also about farming zones you mentioned, there will be another currency than adena?
  5. Yeah, I would like to know activity too. Someone should also move this server to Private servers topic as this server is no longer for "preview".
  6. In case of numbers or letters, where you are asked to type smth, is there any solution?
  7. Hello friends. I'm looking for an auto-captcha script (any server). I just want to see the string attached. Not the captcha alarm, but captcha auto - answering. It would be great if someone could help me out. Thanks
  8. I can't disagree with you on that, but you are giving ppl good reasons not to want to play on mid. I really don't care about giving items/money on big sides, that should be done and is acceptable. I don't even care if you are selling items. But there are more than that. Just to mention one, at baium you really messed the server up. Suddenly all SEL parties ported inside and baium spawned 75 level (like wtf?). Most of vagabonds left the server instant after that. One side less. You banned Treshak (for reasons, right or wrong is meaningless for what I'm talking about). T
  9. Skylord, old players know that you are corrupted af. I've come back to your server too many times, and donated most of them, with the hope that your server will last. This time was the last one. Previous mid servers were lasting about a month or so, nowadays l2 mid last 2 weeks, w full corruption etc. I'd better not play again lineage II instead of playing your server.