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  1. Wish me something but don't curse me if someone want to! I wish for everyone in this forum to be rich including me.
  2. This is not enough information, noone can help you. Add more information.
  3. Edit: I found ... sry how to edit my signature..
  4. Why is that? Can it be fixed or i have to create another email account and whatever wtf.... i mean i will probably need it ....
  5. Im not post hunting i don't care about my post count i'm just going to do a marketing site and i'm going to need to use personal messages in order to communicate with people in forum. I still can't see my inbox please some moderator check and please stop with this warn points i am not here to spam i'm jokin about things in spam section bcuz i tough i can post whatever i want.... it's "spam section" after all.
  6. This is going to work but sooner or later admin will understand what happend cuz of GM list, than he will ban everyone like i would do.
  7. There is noone alone on this world. Thanks btw for the link in "PM". Why is this forum so dead what happend i was here b4 it wsn't like that.
  8. Dude i'm new but i already know cuz it's obviously ... you are annoying attention whore. But it's okey.
  9. Man im the best just for being born in this country what are you saying where are you from?
  10. Hi i will ban everyone, what do you think?
  11. hello everyone...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get rekt.