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This works on some L2 OFF INTERLUDE servers:

If ur doomcryer or summoner u give summon to party/person

and the person don't klick OK

u reg at oly, and when ur spawned in olympiad stadium this person klick OK and he will be summoned on oly

u can summon eaven full party and kill ur enemy ;)

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i thing it's an old trick and alrdy posted

dunno, i couldn't find it


i told already that it works on L2 OFF INTERLUDE servers, on some it's fixed but on some it's still working

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Doesn't work cuz when u enter the Olympiad stadium the pt disappear .

u dont have to be in party, u give summon before u enter olympiad stadium, but the person klick ok when u entered, learn to read with understanding pls

Good idea for screenshot and 100% BAN xD

yeah, use it only when u dont care about ur char ;) or on servers without very active gms ;D

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who know how to get soultaker summon in olympiad? when i get it by killing guard and when i just be transfered to stadium my summon disapear....this is server bug or i just can't get soultaker summon in oly?

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