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high five Problem editing/replacing macro icons

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Hi everyone, after spending the whole day looking for information and trying to add more icons for macros in L2 H5, I've failed big time.

First I've tried downloading some files already edited with a lot of icons but when I replace in my files they don't appear In game.

I know they are edited coz I've look for info in the forum and found a lot of guides with different apps (l2tool, l2editor, mxencdec, unrealengine) and I opened the l2ui.utx with l2editor and in macrownd appear different icons.
I've tried using the programs but didn't know how, all the encrypting, decrypting, saving as, etc, was too much info and couldn't make it work.

Also looked in google and youtube for videos explaining but they r russian and hard to understand.
Besides some guides are really old and with links broken and hard to obtain some softwares.
So what I need is some help to add more icons for macro editing.
Or maybe the entire l2ui.utx file for H5 already edited so I may try to replace in this server I'm playing.

Thanks in advance and if I missed some guide for newbies, I'm sorry. I searched a lot in this forum and couldn't make it work for myself.

Later last night I was trying replacing with the l2ui.utx from Deadz Interface and I manage to get some colored macro icons. But not all the available ones. I want to add some with skills icons and stuff like that.

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